Connection Between Learning and Video Games

Video games have become an enormous part of society and the entertainment business. The topics and variability in video games are endless. Some people have always thought it was a waste of time and money and the time playing them should be used to do other things. It appears that there are news on connections between learning and playing these animations.

Playing video games may be progressing your mind more than you think.(photo credit Ryan Somma)

A teacher named Al Doyle gave a lesson in New York city through video games. The students seemed to have paid attention and learned. Of course they will pay attention to a lesson like this but the question is what did they learn and why? If video game learning does work and works well, is there a future in it with all schools? Many kids have a problem in focusing in class or finding a reason to focus. This would secure their attention and make sure they obtain the information. What exactly does video game playing do to learning though?

There are many surprising truths about video games. The definition of learning is obtaining information or knowledge through experience, practice, or study, or by being taught. Video games are all about experience and acting to figure things out. You have goals in a video game and you have to figure out certain steps and defeat objects to further the game and win. There is a lot of strategy and processing when trying to defeat a game. That kind of brain exercise, makes your mind stronger and faster.

Video games also show a different way of evaluating someone’s skill. Instead of testing you at one moment in one way, you have more time and more ways to get to a goal. People learn in different ways and get to the end in different ways. Every year when you have a new class, you end up having to use something you used in a previous class. Teachers tend to say, “Remember when you used this formula?’ Right after they say that, your mind rewinds and you get that, “Oh yeah I remember” moment. Its the same thing with video games. You can learn a technique in a previous game or level that will make you want to try it in another game or level.

Another issue with kids and learning is getting them to want to. They want to see an immediate prize for the things that they do. When playing a video game, you know the main goal or picture. It teaches kids to want a challenge and to want to work for something. Kids need to learn to problem solve and to analyze. Giving them a debate topic or a calculus problem isn’t going to get them to want to do much but if they need to figure out how to beat a boss level in a game, they will sit there for hours trying to figure it out.

The connection is not to replace learning in schools but to show a different way to develop people’s minds. It is an entertaining way to build and broaden the horizons in your brain. Game design has become a popular study with the increased importance and recognition of video games.

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