Connection Between Reading for Pleasure and Success

Novels and assignments for classes are of course going to involve reading and analyzing. Doing those assignments and paying attention in class are crucial to doing well; however do people who read in and outside of class have a upper hand? People that enjoy to follow up on popular series and books tend to have high reading levels and do better in school. They have exercised their brain more times than people who only read in school. Despite whether its a three hundred page book or a one hundred page book, it is still more practice and analysis that did on their own.

Reading for fun creates a higher development of the brain.(photo credit shutterhacks )

Do students that only read at school have a disadvantage? There was a study that linked test scores to time spent reading. It appeared that the lower amount of time spent reading caused lower test scores. Apparently once students start to go into the middle school and high school phases, the importance of reading seems to be smaller to them. There isn’t as much of a pressure to read. As they age, their thought on reading becomes even lower. That results in workers in companies with lower reading levels and also workers who don’t care as much about the reading.

Another connection they have found is that as the amount of interest in reading decreases, the amount of adults that know how to read or know how to read well also decreases significantly. We need adults to have a good reading level to create good workers and a good society. But the adults also effect their students and all the people around them. If a kid sees that their parents don”t read and openly say that they don’t see a point in it or don’t like it, the kid is going to want to do the same because they want to be like their parents.

The connection between reading on your own and reading when you are supposed to does effect your scores but how? What are the benefits to reading more than you are asked to?

The benefits to consuming more literature and words were looked at in a study and realized it is more about the actual aspect of reading than what you read or how often. It is very beneficial to read everyday on things that you aren’t asked to read but even reading every other week would be better than not reading anything outside of school or work. When you read at work or at school, you are reading to obtain and to do a task. When you read for entertainment, your mind broadens and you grasp new ideas and concepts that you may have never encountered before. You learn more about yourself and what you like or dislike. It is an enjoyable way to exercise your mind. Its like finding an enjoyable way to exercise your body. Some people hate running and choose to swim, some people hate biographies and rather read Harry Potter. Reading makes your mind stronger and more developed. It creates you to be stronger and more prepared. Any extra reading will give extra knowledge and preparation. It gives you an upper hand.

Reading is an area that some forget its importance. It is something we will always need to communicate and understand. The ones who practice more, will succeed more.

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