Consider a career in Cyber Crime Prevention

In the old days, money was physical. To steal it, a criminal had to break into a bank, rob a train, or knock over a liquor store. Either cash, jewels, or precious metals – to get rich taking other people money, one had to go out and actually take the money. These days, that’s an antiquated notion. Someone can dip into hundreds of different bank accounts from the comfort of their own desk.

Go to school to learn how to combat hackers. photo by devdsp

Go to school to learn how to combat hackers. photo by devdsp

The future of crime is on line. One of the fastest growing areas of criminal enterprise for years keeps growing, keeps getting bigger, as more and more aspects of everyday life are tied in to computers and the internet. And it seems every year there are more and more ways to steal, defraud, or otherwise deprive people of their rights via the computer.

Get out in front of the trend, and think about studying to get a degree in cyber crime prevention.

Let’s be real, it’s not like people will suddenly start relying on computers less. This isn’t a trend any longer, it’s the way life is for our country. We are techno-philes, and so are criminals. Traditional “hacking” is well known, but the publicized hackers who breach the secure systems of major companies and even the government, usually these are not professional criminals. These are joy riders, pranksters, and anarchists.

Professional criminals use computers to steal mass amount of personal information and credit card numbers. They use chat rooms to facilitate child endangerment and white slavery. They exchange and sell illegal images. They also steal movies, music, programs, and other media of monetary value.

Cyber crime happens both with criminal activity (driven by money) and cyber terrorism (driven by politics, nationality, religion, or philosophy), and it is entirely without borders. This is truly a global epidemic, and unlike languages, computer code is universal. What all of this means is that learning the ropes of detecting, preventing, and pursuing cyber criminals, you are giving yourself a skill set that has tremendous potential.

More and more police departments and federal agencies are hiring computer technicians to help fight cyber crime. Getting your degree in this field will help you in your career path in law enforcement. However, that isn’t the only application for this education.

Large businesses, corporations, banks, stock exchanges, and more organizations all are become more and more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Having a degree in this field might open doors for you in the private sector. Experts are needed to secure the digital and electronic systems of these organizations from outside attack, as well as from internal hacking. Demand for these kind of services is on the rise year after year. This is a growth industry.

In my next blog I’ll take a closer look at some schools and distance learning opportunities in the field of preventing cyber crime. Some come back for more info. But in the meantime, consider this – you can now make a better living fighting from your laptop, then with a gun on your belt.

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