Cool Jobs You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

It’s time to think outside of the box. You all, who are part of the economic surplus who are unemployed (which means you are looking and you don’t have a job,) it’s time to take a new approach. Who says you can’t mix work and fun, anyway? Turns out you can mix your wildest dreams with your most tangible realities – as I give you this list of cool jobs that you’ve probably never heard of. Or perhaps, if you have thought of them, you’ve never considered for yourself. Fact is, a job is a job. A job is just enjoyable when it is something you like. Something that is cool.

"I prefer to call myself an aquatic supervisor.' (photo by brownpau)

“I prefer to call myself an aquatic supervisor.’ (photo by brownpau)

#1. Pool Monitor

Believe it or not, these exist – and they’re not unpaid! Actually, they pay very well. At these jobs, which are paid by the HOAs of neighborhoods, you can make between eight and twelve dollars an hour for watching the pool, making sure that the people are not being unruly, etc… I personally have never seen a time that the pool checked IDs for being 18 or older, but I suppose some places do as to not contract liability over injuries or anything of the like. don’t like the name pool monitor? You can call yourself an aquatic supervisor.

#2. Image Consultant

Ever watch shows on the Style channel, like How Do I Look? Jeannie Mai, in essence, does what image consultants do. It’s changing of the person’s attitude into a more confident, perhaps more sexy version of themselves – one that was in them all along, but they simply needed a little help spreading their wings breaking out of that cocoon that was holding them back all these years. You don’t necessarily need a certification, but it’ll give you the credentials to get hired.

#3. Cover Artist

No, I don’t mean the general covering songs and posting them to Youtube in some high-stakes search for fame and fortune (not everyone can do what Justin Bieber did, just saying,) but I mean actually designing album covers. Designing the art for the discography. Frankly, no one thinks about it – but someone had to create the album cover. Search for a cover art contest, and perhaps you’ll get commission for being the winner in this grand scheme!

#4. Greeting Card Designer

I personally don’t buy from Hallmark – ever. I prefer to personalize and design my own cards, if I give cards at all. But there are millions of people who do, and millions of people each year need the people like you to design their cards for them! Frankly, not everybody was meant to be the creative butterfly that you are. This is where you come into play. On occasion, you may even able be able to find scholarships for winning greeting card designs!

So, although some of these are freelance jobs, they still are jobs. Perhaps some of them won’t be able to sustain you – but on the off-chance that you’re a high school or college student with not very many expenses, jobs like these can be a life saver!

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