Cringe-Worthy Hazing Stories

Hazing is now revered as a part of straight-up bullying. But for many college’s fraternities and sororities, hazing is a tradition. Hazing is, in their opinion, completely okay. But to the rest of the world (and perhaps a few frat brothers, too) – these stories are cringe worthy if not just horrid. These are some of the worst college hazing stories that I have heard yet. In fact, they’re enough for me to not want to look for any more.

Hazing goes as far as the 1910s. (photo by VasenkaPhotography)

Hazing goes as far as the 1910s. (photo by VasenkaPhotography)

#1. Sharpie Sodomy 

Honestly, this sounds like a bad band name. But no, it’s actually an event that happened in 2002. Instead of merely writing on the subject in question, one of the football players decided it would be a good idea to, after the hazing, sexually assault the poor man with a Sharpie. A freaking permanent marker.

#2. Cocaine or Masturbation?

Sororities are just as bad as fraternities in regards to sexual cruelty. Women in sororities are more interested in degrading new members than anything else, or so it seems. One girl emailed The Hazing Prevention Center saying that her sorority told her she either had to use a dildo in front of all of her sisters, or take a hit of cocaine. Really? Like, how does that even get established as a thing?

#3. Burning Man

At a fraternity at Tulane University, pledges were constricted as boiling water was poured over them. The fraternity accordingly used a mixture of boiling water, pepper spray, and crab boil seasoning mixture containing cayenne pepper. Imagine that on your back, on your chest, on your genitals, or your buttocks. Or a mixture of all four. One pledge accordingly went to a doctor and was told he could not travel or take his exams that semester – and had to take twice-daily burn treatments.

#4. Elephant Walking

I don’t exactly know how to explain this one. So I’m going to quote urban dictionary, because this is just too cruel and unusual.

often used for hazing where a group of guys form a straight line and grab the erect cock of the guy in back of them with one hand and put their thumb in the sphincter of the guy in front of them then they then walk a in a circle.

How does anyone even agree to this stuff? This is just ridiculous.

#5. Drink to Death

I would assume that drinking would be in a hazing story. I’d have to be beyond drunk to do any of the other stories that are listed above. But this poor soul had drank too much in the time frame they gave him – ninety minutes. He drank so much that his alcohol level was .44, which exceeds the levels of surgical anesthesia. He actually ended up dying from alcohol poisoning.

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