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Distance learning graduates from CTU Institute for Advanced Studies are finding lifelong success thanks to the education they received. CTU focuses on making their programs flexible and convenient for professionals who have time restrictions and family obligations to meet but want to further their education and advance their career. Motivated professionals will find all the support they need to succeed and relish in their exceptional higher learning experience.

Accelerated distance learning programs online make it an achievable goal to earn a master’s degree in as little as 17 months and a doctorate in as little as 3 years. Lifelong professionals can be confident that the curriculum from the CTU Institute for Advanced Studies is current and relevant. Students will learn methods and ideology that can be applied immediately in their day to day tasks. CTU operates their courses using their trade marked Professional Learning Model which focuses on the belief that students will have more success when they focus on real-world professional projects.

There are twenty five 100% online distance learning programs offered at the CTU Institute for Advanced Learning. Some of the programs are Executive MBA, M.S. in Management, M.S. in Computer Science, and an M.S. in Enterprise Information Systems. Some areas to minor in include Finance, Accounting, Criminal Justice, Software Engineering, Human Resource Management, and Homeland Security. The classes that make up each program include methods to approach real-world situations and find solutions that can be applied to their current job position.

For individuals who wish to achieve all their career goals in a distance learning setting, CTU offers prestigious Doctoral programs. Pursing this high level of achievement is a rewarding yet demanding process and CTU takes strides to ensure each student has every resource and ounce of support needed to find success. Graduates will be well-equipped to make substantial contribuitions in their career and community.

The executive-format distance learning Doctoral degrees are offered the Management and Computer Science fields. Some highlights of these program are a learning environment that is collaborative and respectful of each individuals ideas, a choice between various projects to be completed over three years or a traditional dissertation, and six intensive residential symposiums with peers, faculty, and leaders of the industry.

The Doctoral distance learning degree programs offered are Doctor of Computer Science with the option to concentrate in Digital Systems Security, Emerging Media, or Enterprise Information Systems. Doctor of Management degrees are offered with the optional concentrations of Environmental and Social Sustainability, Emerging Media, Global Leadership, Homeland Security, or Organizational Development and Change. Financial aid is available to those who qualify for these programs.

A sense of accomplishment comes along with each educational milestone met in a person’s career. The skills learned at the CTU Institute for Advanced Studies will benefit each graduate in many ways. Becoming an invaluable asset in today’s challenging work force by earning a distance learning degree is something that can give peace of mind to any individual.

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