Date Auctions in College

With the aura of love around and cupid drifting through the air anticipating attacking his “victims,” we are about to near closer to the beloved holiday, Valentine’s day. With that being said, I thought of how positively fun it is to be single and young! Then I thought of what a great way to raise money is for college organizations and clubs – date auction fundraisers! For those who are single, and as cliche as it sounds, ready to mingle, date auction fundraisers may be a great way to expand socialization, perhaps even going as far to create new romance, all the while raising money for a cause – whether it be for charity or for club expenses.

A date auction is a great way for organizations to raise money! (photo by Illusive Photography)

A date auction is a great way for organizations to raise money! (photo by Illusive Photography)

Some disagree with the idea of date auctioning – stating that it is immoral and border lining prostitution. Of course not everyone goes as extreme as this and believes that date auctions are advocating one’s illegal personal choice to sell their bodies. Their reasoning for this is not necessarily insane; some simply believe the whole idea is embarrassing and demeaning to both the auctioner and the auctionee. Some believe that it is harmless fun, helping a good cause, and because no one is being forced to be auctioned – it is harmless as they understand the implications of being put up for auction.

To counteract the negative connotations associated with date auctioning, colleges should make strict guidelines for these dates. Some of these can be along the lines of having the date be in a public place, having the dates in a group setting, and the like. Florida Atlantic University has gone as far as to post the date auction guidelines online, leaving no room for confusion for the students at FAU. If you are interested in your school’s guidelines, be sure to look it up on your school’s website.

The great thing about setting up date auctions in college, as according to Yahoo! Voices, is that it is fairly easy to initiate and costs barely anything! You must have a place to do the auctions, perhaps simple pop-sickle stick raffles or signs if you’re auctioning old-school style. If you have several “attractive” people up for auction, the money will roll in without hesitation. The audience may be made up of friends of the person being auction, people who are actually looking for prospective dates, and people who just think the whole idea of date auctioning is entertaining.

If you are planning on holding one just in time for valentine’s day, be sure to spread the word! Posting flyers around school, handing them out, and using various social medias to share your event will do your event good, giving it enough publicity to be worthwhile. Those who are willing to be auctioned off may, to better entice the audience, speak a little about themselves. You also may want to speak to a restaurant if you plan to have the dates predestined to see if you could have a student deal.

Remember, it’s all for fun and for a good cause! It is no wonder that date auctions are becoming widely enjoyed across our nation’s campuses.

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