Preparing for and Taking AP Exams


How to prepare for AP exams and use the knowledge you have obtained.(photo credit Michelle Lindblom)

You have been in a class for months and have focused on the assignments and lessons from the teacher. The bigger goal of the class is to get college credit from the class to save money and time. You will get to take a higher class when you get college credit from a class. For example you can pass AP Language and Composition and AP Literature and Composition and gettwo classes worth of credit and not have to take Freshman Comp one and Freshman Comp. You get to start college with hours of credit depedning on your scores and start more advanced. The more credit you have, the more upper hand you have.

There are many techniques and tips on passing an AP exam but it really depends on the individual person.

The basic tips are:

  • Listen to everything your teacher says because they are giving you advice from experience an knowledge.
  • Take every assignment seriously and fully take in every bit of information that you can.
  • Do not zone out at any moment because it will take a while to get back in focus of the class. There is no time to slack off or lose focus. Pay attention and work hard until the last day.
  • If a teacher offers saturday school or after school tutoring, take the offer because practice makes perfect. If they do not, mention the idea to them and most likely they will agree. Your teachers want you to pass and will help you however they can.
  • Borrow or buy 5 Steps to a 5 book or any other study book for the class. Getting used to the format of the test and timing yourself is a perfect way to prepare for the test.
  • The biggest factor is not knowing the material necessarily, it is being able to finish the test within the time and not stressing yourself out. Study and know the material well but also be aware of the time restriction and format of the exam. Some questions will be testing your focus and some are testing how well you know the material.
  • The night before the exam get at least eight hours of peaceful uninterrupted sleep. Your mind needs to be at ease and well rested to perform well the next day. If you go to the exam tired, you will be more focused on staying awake then on what you are being asked.
  • DO NOT freak out or let your nerves control you. Your teacher has prepared you well and you have come a long way. Do not doubt yourself, you know more than you may think.
  • Wake up feeling proud and determined. Have a good breakfast to give your brain more focus. Sugary breakfasts may cause you to crash and are not recommended. Protein is the best to have to prepare for an exam. Eat something with sausage or bacon.
  • Once the test is in front of you, the nerves may get to you but don’t let them. You are ready. Take a deep breath and do your best.

Learning is valued and is a good opportunity, use it well.

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