Deciding On a Major

Choosing a major is always a difficult task. Specifically for high school seniors and college students at large. Now do not get it confused with what career you want to do. Although these two may go hand in hand, a major does not have to correlate with your career choice essentially. For instance, there are plenty of doctors that have degrees in art and history. It all depends on what your interest may be. If you are someone that dislikes wasting time – it may be best to choose a major similar to the career of your choice. This is because while attaining the major, you are taking the same courses needed for the career path, making this a highly efficient choice.

Sometimes we have movie screen moments in the classroom that we will always remember. (photo by AlishaV)

The possibilities are endless. (photo by AlishaV)

These are some major that may spark your interest:

  • Biomedical Sciences: This major is an opening to bountiful major programs like Pharmacy, Dentistry, Medicine, and Physical Therapy at your college. It is centered specially around science. 
  • Chemical Engineering: This major will prepare students in regards to all the fundamental skills they need for economic design and operating biological and chemical systems.
  • Humanities: Aimed at students who are interested in the combination of arts, history, and social structure. This major is intended for students who are open-minded and dedicated.
  • Mass Communications: If you are interested in public relations and telecommunications, this may be a suitable major for you. It principally prepares students for careers in communications media.
  • Philosophy: This major is broad in its extent as it explores religion, politics, the environment, and all questions that arise in our society. If you like to debate and widen your focus, this is a major you may consider.
  • Pre-Law: This major is particularly for students who want to pursue a career in law. It will develop and strengthen your basic skills for the field.
  • Psychology: Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. It will undergo the knowledge of behavioral and social sciences. You will learn about the functions of the brain, psychological disorders, and other concepts pertaining to the field.

Whether you are interested in any of these majors or not, your borders are not defined. Go on your school website and learn about the different majors they offer. There are over a hundred various ones to choose from. Never go into a major and spend money on classes to realize this is not the major for you. Many people have made this mistake before because they rush into it within the heat of the moment. Also, consider the amount of effort and difficulty of the classes within each major. You want to make sure you are not flunking the first semester of college. For any interest you have, it is almost guaranteed there is a major for it. If you find yourself having a hard time choosing, choose both. One to major in and one as your minor. The possibilities are endless so never limit yourself. Allow yourself the time now to select what you are interested in. The choice is ultimately yours.

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