Decorating the Dorm

We’ve talked in the past of organizing your dorm room so that you have the most comfort, space, and ease of access that you can possibly have in your cramped up room. Now, we’re looking at ways of personalizing said dorm room. So, without much introduction, because frankly, you don’t need it, here are cheap and easy ways of making your room y-o-u.

Make your dorm room YOUR dorm room! (photo by borman818)

Make your dorm room YOUR dorm room! (photo by borman818)

#1. Print your own Wall Mural

Ever since I was a little kid, I thought being a muralist would be such a fun occupation. Little did I think about printing parts of a picture to combine together on the wall, to make a synthetic wall mural. Here’s how to crop the photo to exactly what you need it to be.

It’ll add some character to your walls.

Another thought: If you were to print your own mural in black and white, you could easily paint over it with watercolor or acrylic mixed with watercolor for a translucent effect. Make something pop! Whether it be lips, some windows on a city landscape, or maybe even a flower.

#2. Magnet Strips

I would line my walls all the wall around with magnet strips going horizontally. Why? Because you can use things like old, metal tea cans to store things like pencils and other office supplies. You can easily find magnet strips that have adhesive backs. Scared of damaging the walls? Here’s some advice on how to remove adhesives from any surface.

Tip: Make sure the magnet strips are straight, ’cause I know it would drive me crazy if the line wasn’t.

#3. Have a Shoe Box and a Magnifying Glass?

Well, now you’ve got a smartphone projector. As in, your own tv. This is actually some of the coolest DIY projects I’ve heard in a long time!

You can use the magnet strip idea to ensure that your new television screen wall is straight, by using it as a base.

#4. Use a Magazine File to make a shelf for a corner of your room

You can easily create space to store random items. You don’t even just have to use one! You could use several magazine files, paint them, decorate them, cover them with fabric, and use them as places to put random things, like your cell phone and keys. Like your paper that you need to remember to bring to class tomorrow.

#5. Hang an old bicycle wheel from the ceiling

I know what you’re thinking. This one sounds weird. Because it is. The idea is originally for hanging pots and pans in a kitchen – but to make the idea more friendly for dorms, just think of it as a place to hang jewelry or maybe even scarves. If you find a small enough one you can hang it from your closet and it shouldn’t get in the way.

There’s some pretty unique ways of decorating your dorm that may prove cheap and efficient!

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