Distance Learning Degrees

Students can earn a great variety of distance learning degrees from accredited academic institutions. In fact, more degrees are offered by distance learning online than on most traditional college campuses. We have broken down the different types of distance learning degrees available into these categories for you to browse:

To find a school that offers any of these degrees, use our search box or view our list of distance learning universities. If you can’t find what you are looking for, just contact us and we’ll try to personally match you with a program that meets your needs.

Some of the most popular subjects for distance learners include criminal justice, nursing, business administration, and health care administration. At the master’s level, the distance learning MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) is always one of the top choices.

With distance learning, students have the ability to simultaneously take diverse courses at multiple universities around the world. Degrees can be earned at all levels: certificates, associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate’s. If earning a degree is not your goal, consider taking distance learning courses that simply sound interesting to you.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of distance learning undergraduate degrees, as well as a list of distance learning graduate degrees.

20 comments on “Distance Learning Degrees
  1. Kasoka Lozant says:

    i just completed my grade twelve which course can i do at your University.

  2. james chibwe says:

    i want to study civil engineering associate degree, which is a better school

  3. Caroline says:

    Hello,i want to study Hotel and restaurant management..hope you can help me and id like to hire after i studied.thanks

  4. Denis D'mello says:

    wanna do long distance education for BA

  5. Malcolm Mbeche says:

    Hello I’m enquiring about long distance learning preferably in B.A Journalism,I’m living in Johannesburg and only left with three modules to finish.Any info on varsities offering this course ASAP would be highly appreciated.

  6. m. hadjiazim says:

    I have finished my M.Sc. degree in Psychology, and would like to continue as a distance student to get PhD in humane performance
    in a university . can you assist me .

  7. percy portia says:

    Good day,i want to do a distance learning the problem is that i work in unisa departament so i am not allowed to study at unisa.so i need to study further

  8. Michael says:

    Needing some help, as I am wanting to study human biology and earn a degree by distance learning courses. Are you aware of any?

  9. Truong Haong Xuan says:

    Hello, I want to complete my degree course online while sitting at home in Vietnam. How can I continue?

  10. Hector Mavurere says:

    Would you please recommend to me a good college where I could undertake an online degree in Construction Management

  11. lalitha says:

    i want to complete my degree course by online
    by sitting at home i need study

  12. abroufarakh hossein says:

    hello,my last name is abroufarakh.i am an agriculture engineer but i will earn at civil engineer.
    thank you.god bless u…

  13. kamalendu choudhury says:

    I want to to do MBA in International trade and import export management course.
    let me know the details for distance learning.

  14. Chiedu anthony elosiebo says:

    Iwant to know more and enroll on distance learning on marine cargo and hull structural survey. Thks

  15. Gift Jambo says:

    Hie, I want to start studies with your college in Bsc in Accountancy, from next year January

  16. mrs. JIGYASA THAKKAR says:

    hi, i am a homemaker, was a teacher before kids, now want to learn more to catch up.

  17. Himadri Bharali says:

    I want to do a course in Computational linguistics / Natural language processing . So, I need more information about admission and the corresponding institute and course details.

  18. Nickesha Barrett says:

    I wish to enroll in your college the upcoming 2011 September for criminal justice in law enforcement. Thank you for reading my message.

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