Distance Learning Arts and Humanities Degrees

Distance learning arts and humanities degree. Photo by Andreanna Moya Photography.

Earning a distance learning arts and humanities degree is more convenient than ever with the numerous schools offering online programs in art, english, fashion design, general studies, geography, graphic design, history, liberal arts, military studies, theology, and writing.

Studying the arts and humanities is a great way to learn about creativity and the human condition, as opposed to the sciences that examine the world empirically. A degree in the arts or humanities can lead to a wide variety of rewarding careers. Some of the possibilities include artist, writer, filmmaker, teacher, designer, historian, musician, actor, dancer, lawyer, and philosopher.

Dozens of universities offer distance learning arts & humanities degrees, including Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctor’s degrees, as well as certifications and licenses. Just use the search box below to get started and you’ll be presented with a school that offers exactly what you’re looking for. Fill out the form that comes up and you’ll get free information directly from the school with no commitments attached.

16 comments on “Distance Learning Arts and Humanities Degrees
  1. Amon judge says:

    Hi I live in Zambia and I would like to do BSC in development and strategic planning. would you provide with more details if this available at your college.

    thank you

    Amon judge

  2. Rajib Sirihan says:

    I am 39 years old male and citizen of Bangladesh. I could not finish my under graduate course in Philosophy. do you have any long term course to finish my under graduate course.


    i need a master degree by distance learning.i come froùm mali

  4. Isaac Justice Baidoo says:

    I would wish to offer English Literature BA (Hons…) at the University.

  5. Malcolm Mbeche says:

    Hello are there any possibilities of finding a long distance learnership degree in B.a Journalism,please advise.

  6. Emanuel Mmopelwa says:

    I am from Southern Africa in a country called Botswana. I would love to upgrade my three year diploma in ministry and theology with your university.

  7. Hillary Dada Woderif Limuka says:

    I am from South Sudan, I would like to upgrade my three years diploma in public administration in the Juba University.Specifically I am interestedin Arts and humanities.

    Please your advice

    • Hillary Dada Woderif Limuka says:

      I would be grateful to have my upgrading at your University.
      It is a great chance for for a person in the new born country to be developed educationally as well as intellect power at your end.
      Hillary D E W Limuka.

  8. Shiva Shrestha says:

    I am Nepali Citizen. Currently I am relocate in Qatar. I am 41 years old. I want do in Master in development aspect through distance learning course.

    Please advice me accordingly.

  9. mwende mutisya says:

    im a kenyan lady intrested in pursuing a degree course in a suitable univesity

  10. Marcel says:

    Good day,

    I would like to take a correspondence course in the United States to learn English better.

    Is it a small price to you distance learning? Do you have a study guide?

    Please send me information? To my address.

    Marcel Kulz
    Alt – Dettenheim 2-a
    76 706 Dettenheim
    Germany / Germany


    Marcel Kulz

  11. Marcel says:

    Guten Tag,

    Ich würde gerne ein Fernstudium in den USA belegen um besser Englisch zu lernen.

    Gibt es bei Ihnen einen kleinen Fernlern kurs? Haben Sie einen Studienführer?

    Schicken Sie mir doch Informationen? An meine Adresse.

    Marcel Kulz
    Alt-Dettenheim 2-a
    76706 Dettenheim
    Germany / Deutschland


    Marcel Kulz

  12. Jyotsna V says:


    I am interested in a course in linguistics/applied linguistics / socio linguistics in distance education mode.

    Please advice.

    thanks you.

  13. Mahmud Toat says:

    I am a mature student who is interested in african linguistics and african religions or african philosophy through distance learning. Please reply with fees and entry requirements.
    Thank you.

  14. john says:

    hi,iam from Greece and am interested for 2 or 3 years bacherlor degree in some of the following specialties with some economic distance learning program,have already two degrees
    degree in harmony
    degree in counterpoint

    Music perfomance pop or jazz guitar
    Jazz studies
    Music education
    Music perfomance pop or jazz guitar

  15. William Kilonzo Michael says:

    I am Tanzanian man 43 years old. I am seeking for a master in special education or English language

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