Distance Learning General Studies Degree

General Studies degrees completed through distance learning are some of the most popular programs offered by colleges. Whether a student pursues an Associate in Science or a Bachelor of Science degree a solid foundation is put into place to ensure an ability to enter almost any chosen profession. Many students like General Studies programs for their versatility, competitive tuition rates, accreditation standards and ability to transfer skills learned into different occupations.


In the Associate of Science General Studies degree students are introduced to a broad array of subjects including mathematics, social sciences, arts and humanities, natural sciences and behavioral sciences. By exploring these and other subjects students can discover their abilities, likes and dislikes and begin to set career goals. A student may enjoy behavioral science and want to work as a Counselor or one who enjoys natural sciences like biology may want to pursue a career in research. Whatever path is chosen a student constantly has opportunities to try new things and find out about his abilities. Eligibility for this degree program requires a student to possess a high school diploma or GED.

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An Associate’s degree takes about two years to finish and while most of it is web-based there are other avenues of instruction such as:

  • Videoconferences
  • CD’s
  • DVD’s

Students normally don’t spend any time on campus but instead go online to watch lectures, read teacher’s notes, turn in assignments and speak with other students through chat rooms. Students love the flexibility of working at their own pace while having easy access to instructors if questions arise. Reliable internet access is needed as is a webcam for class discussions. The ability to use computer programs like Microsoft Office and RealPlayer are also needed.


Upon completion of this degree graduates can expect to find careers as office managers, customer service representatives or administrative assistants to name a few. These jobs will grow as fast as average according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Salaries range from $23,000-$47,000.


A Bachelor of Science degree in General Studies trains students on critical thinking and examining problems from different angles. Classes offered in this program vary and provide a core understanding of many subjects. It’s available online but not as often as Associate degrees. Taking four years to complete mostly online this degree may also require some on-campus time and an internship. Like an Associate’s degree it requires internet access and skills in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat.

Students in these programs complete general education requirements and then design a concentration based upon their interests. Examples of these include:

  • European History
  • Comparative Politics
  • Physics

A student can choose almost any concentration to study so long as it fits into his future plans. Those with an eye on a political career can learn about political philosophies of many different countries and how they compare to the United States.


This degree offers students choices of many careers most of which are higher paying than those in the Associate degree program. Included are real estate agents, public relations specialists and business owners for those wishing to pursue self-employment. Salaries for these jobs range from $40,000-$52,000 and are expected to grow by 24% between now and 2018 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Whether it’s an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies by distance learning, one can rest assured a great career lies ahead. Check out your General Studies school options below!

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