Distance Learning Liberal Arts Degree

A Liberal Arts degree is one that offers students an opportunity to study arts, languages, science, history, literature and other subjects. It is one of the most well-rounded degrees offered for graduates to enter the workplace. Many students today opt to earn their degrees online due to family obligations or work schedules. These programs allow students to complete their education in a more convenient manner.


An Associate in Arts degree is a good basis for many students. Those wishing to complete a Bachelor’s degree get a great start with the Associate degree. These programs let students study foreign languages, United States and world history, art and music appreciation, world literature, physical science and other areas. Colleges that offer this allow students to complete the requirements totally online. Students must have a high school diploma or GED to gain entry and can choose from a variety of colleges when pursuing this degree. Many schools offer fully accredited programs and some offer financial aid using grants and loans. Internet access is required and students can interact with other students and teachers through webcam conversations and live chat sessions.

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So once a student completes this degree what career options lie ahead? Because this is a broad-based course of study many careers are available. The medical field is a popular choice. Registered nurses, nursing assistants, medical assistants and dental hygienists are fast-growing and well-paying jobs for people with liberal arts backgrounds. Many of these require certifications or licensures but most employers offer on-the-job training and help gaining credentials. Business management is another option. Excellent speaking and writing skills lead many persons to find employment as managers in restaurants, department stores or other corporate offices. These jobs offer good salaries, benefits and advancement opportunities.


These degrees offer students a variety of choices as to how they may obtain their education including:

  • Exclusively online
  • Partially online
  • Low-residency

Degrees offered exclusively online let students work around job and family obligations. Some offer accelerated programs allowing students to get a degree quicker by accepting transfer credits or testing out of certain classes. Others offer specialized career tracks in criminal justice or human resource management. Partially online programs give students the best of both worlds. They can work at home and still access the campus in person if they wish. Some colleges offer library privileges, access to professors and even the option of taking a class on-campus. Low-residency programs are ones where most of the work is done online but do require a 10-day to two-week on-campus residency each semester. Like an Associate degree classes in languages, history, english, public speaking and others are taken to prepare a graduate to be multi-skilled with diverse thinking.


There are many options available to holders of this degree. Many go to law school and become lawyers. This is a good choice for those who enjoyed english and philosophy classes. Journalism and broadcasting are other choices for graduates with excellent writing, speaking and philosophical thinking skills. Those who enjoyed sociology can go into market research while anthropologists can be museum curators or archaeologists. Politics leads to careers in policy analysis and lobbying on Capitol Hill for liberal arts graduates. Investment banking and human resource management are other popular choices.

Whether it’s an Associate or Bachelor’s degree Liberal Arts gives students the foundation for careers in many exciting and profitable jobs. It takes hard work and dedication but will be worth it after graduation.

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