Distance Learning Business Degrees

You may want to buy a suit if you're in business. Photo by torbakhopper.

You may want to consider buying a suit if you’re in business. Photo by torbakhopper.

Business is perennially one of the most popular fields of study for distance learning students because of the practical applications of a business degree. Business students learn important life skills in finance, marketing, management, and ethics, and employers are quick to recognize these skills with promotions and higher salaries. Many companies will actually pay the tuition for employees to advance their education with a distance learning business degree.

There are numerous fields of study within the realm of business, the most general of which is business administration, or an MBA for graduate students. Other popular fields include accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, human resources, management, and marketing. These are the most mainstream sub-specialties of business, and millions of people study these fields every year. Most of these degrees are popular online. Online classes are not only convenient but they are also typically lower in costs.

If you’d like to go a little more niche and select a business degree that isn’t quite as popular, yet still leads to increased employability, you should consider studying business law, communications, conflict & negotiation management, entertainment management, public relations, real estate, retail & sales management, risk management, or taxation.

E-business is an especially hot degree right now as companies move their stores online, and new online-only companies are being formed everyday. If you love social media, consider internet marketing which is critical in spreading brand awareness online.

International business is a good field for people who love to travel and see the world, as is tourism & hospitality. Non-profit management is a great degree for those who have a big heart for helping their communities, as is organizational leadership. If you are a natural leader with diverse talents, project management or sports management may be right for you. If you’ve got a technical mind and enjoy logistics, you should consider supply chain & operations management or contract management.

By now you can probably see that “business” is such a broad field that you could spend your whole life studying and never learn everything there is to know about business. That’s one reason that some distance learning business degrees include work experience as part of their programs. There’s only so much you can learn from lectures and reading; you need to get out in the world and simply do to get real practical experience.

Browse our site to find out more about any of these particular distance learning business degrees, and go ahead and use the search box on the left to find a distance learning school offering the programs you are seeking. It’s free to request more information directly from a school, and there are no commitments.

24 comments on “Distance Learning Business Degrees
  1. muraina samuel says:

    i’m samuel by name i have NCE in business education nd i wnt to further my study on business administration what are the next thing to do tanks

  2. vincent says:

    How can I enroll for a economics and finance degree, I am from Zimbabwe, help please!

  3. abdirashid alinu says:

    Isn’t it a good policy to have a pool of applicants to identify and select those who are the best ?

    Probably, YES ! You’re among many that I’m look at, smelling them by my nose acutely pointed in their direction. For that, could I have, if you don’t mind, an overall policy on your Master degree in Accounting programme.

    I am in Mogadishu, Somalia (most eastern horn of Africa).

  4. Raphael Amuko says:


  5. edmond chipeta says:

    hi am from zambia i would like to know if you offer diplomer course

  6. jacckson Tongun Matedio says:

    Hi am a diploma holder three yrs, university of juba public finance and accounting interested in pursing Adegree in public finance and accounting.please email me the information.e

  7. Elizabeth says:


    am a diploma holder interested in pursuing a degree in project management.

    please email me the information

  8. T. I. Hamid says:

    i am a 50yrs old ghanaian currently working in a family business. i am a holder of GCE O level certificate and would like to pursue either a degree or diploma in human resource management. Regards. Hamid.

  9. Judy says:

    Hii, am a kenyan Lady with a Diploma in HRM from the University of Nairobi. Am currently Living in naigeria and would like to Finish my bachelors in BA human resources Management Option under distance learning programme.
    Please advice on how i should apply for this course and intake period.

  10. Guy Sabangu Kashala says:

    Am from DR CONGO. I want to have the requirement for the BA or the MBA. Am having a degree in business and financial sciences and a diploma in management.

  11. AMANDA says:


  12. Ephrem Gemechu says:

    I am a Ethiopa currently working in an praviat company and I was taking BA dgree in Accounting.I would like to pursue a 2nd degree in Distance learing program with the similar filed(course). Kindly let me know whether you offer any and how I can register for the same

  13. vandy says:

    I am Indian, have diploma in management of Business Finance and i want to pursue distance learning Management degree, not working. Can you please assist me how can I join this programme and also want to know the duration and cost of course.
    Regards and Thanks

  14. Musa says:

    Am a Kenyan man, with a CPA section 2 qualification. I would like to pursue a degree course in Business Administration. How many years would I be exempted and will I be able to get some financial assistance?

  15. Yottam Zuze says:

    I am a Malawian national and would like to study with Boston University for a Bachelors Degree in Supply Chain & Operations Management.Advise how i can join this university and study through distance learning.Regards Yottam Zuze

  16. Maseabata E.Mohloai says:

    I have dilpoma in business management and i want to upgrate my qualification by doing degree online,unfortunately i am not working so i will be happy if i can be sponsered in order to further my studies, Thank you

  17. Rosa Sofaly says:

    my daughter is in prison and can only do distant learning. She can not do online. She is interested in Bachelor of Arts
    in Public Relations and Marketing Project Management or Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Marketing.
    What distant learning college offers either of these degrees? We are also interested in financial aid and scholarships. Thank you so much.

  18. Olatunbosun Olabode says:

    I am a nigerian guy with ssce commercial result. I learnd how to repair phone and also learnd electrical engineering, but now working as a sales boy. I would like to further my studies on public relationship or business administration, so I will like to know the neccessary requirement needed.

  19. Veteries M.Mwau says:

    I am a Kenyan currently working in an insurance company and I would like to pursue a degree relevant to the insurance industry. Kindly let me know whether you offer any and how I can register for the same

  20. claudio Ujang Francis says:

    I wanted to upgrade my diploma to degree level what are the necessary requirement.

  21. Ntsoaki says:

    i would like to further my studies on public administration

  22. Clemence says:

    I would like to pursue my studies at Cambridge University. I’m at Tanzania United Republic and also am Tanzanian. Can you please write back to me indicating how I can join that college on the issue of distance learning so I can attain my goals. Regards, Clemence

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