Distance Learning Accounting Degree

Getting a distance learning degree in accounting is for logical minds that love numbers. Accountants are likely to find good jobs. The profession has an expected rate of growth of 16 percent between 2010 and 2020 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The pay for such jobs is competitive as well, having a median pay of $61,690 per year in 2010, also according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Accountants play a number of roles. Public accountants do audits and tax preparation. They also provide consulting services for individuals and companies. Management accountants deal with the finances of the corporation for which they work. Forensic accountants investigate crimes that have to do with money or the stock market. There are also accountants that work in the government, dealing with its financial intricacies.

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Learning from Afar

Distance learning is a good choice for those who don’t want to take time off of their jobs to go back to school or for those who do not want to move away from home to study. With today’s technology, distance learning makes more sense than ever before. Learners can immediately download or stream the lectures they need to hear. They can immediately have their homework or tests graded. They can immediately get answers to their questions from a real teacher. They can work in real time on projects with group members over Internet chat services. The student no longer must study in seclusion with no teacher to confer with. Everything about distance learning today is immediate and personalized.

Accounting Tuition

Tuition costs are a concern for every student. Unfortunately it is a misconception that online degrees are dirt cheap. There are, of course, diploma mills that offer diplomas for a low price, but those diplomas are worth only as much as the paper they are printed on. What is important to one desiring an accounting degree is not only the diploma but also the education and the respect that comes with having graduated from a respectable institution. The fact is that the cost of online degrees from good online colleges can be less, more, or about the same as a comparable degree from a brick and mortar institution; it can be anywhere from $45,000 to $80,000.

Accounting Scholarships

Fortunately though, scholarship options are available to online accounting degree students just as they are to other students. Scholarship options include corporate, government, minority, and major-specific scholarships. Information about how to find and apply for scholarships can be found at websites such as www.scholarships.com. The government, in particular, has a wide variety of options available, including both competitive and noncompetitive scholarships and grants. The Pell Grant, for instance, is available to any student who qualifies for its criteria.

Accounting Accreditation

As mentioned earlier, those desiring to get an accounting degree online must be careful that they are enrolling in a reputable institution and not a diploma mill. Fortunately, it is easy to find out how colleges are ranked by searching databases of accredited institutions. One such resource is The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) database. This database lists more than 8,000 institutions that have been accredited either by CHEA or the United States Department of Education or both. To be accredited means that the institution was examined and was found at that time to have a quality program and is continually improving itself.

Those aspiring to be accountants can begin their career immediately by finding a quality distance education accounting program online and starting their studies. Their work will be sure to pay out in rich dividends in years to come.

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