Distance Learning Business Law Degree

Have you ever heard of a business law degree? How about distance learning? How much do you know about these topics? These subjects are important to a lot of people in our society today, but not too many understand them, especially together.

Most who hear about a business law degree just tuck the information away into their minds and worry about other things that seem to be more important. What they don’t know is the potential that this degree has for those receiving it in the coming years.

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You might be wondering, “Just what is a business law degree and why should it be crucial to anybody?”

Let’s look at 5 reasons why you should really consider getting a business law degree through distance learning, and see if any of them fit you or someone you know.

1 – A Business Law Degree Teaches Highly Needed Skills in Today’s World

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, occupations that require this degree, like paralegals, legal assistants, and lawyers, are all expected to grow in need by 10% or more through 2020. That’s double digit growth in the nation’s need for people with this knowledge! This equates to plenty of job opportunities.

Furthermore, did you know that bls.gov is reporting that paralegals and legal assistants (positions that typically only need an associates’ business law degree) are making an average of $46,680 per year in salary? That is $22.44 per hour!

Of course, I can certainly understand if you think that you “just don’t have time to get a degree right now”. But, what if you could do it from home and on your own time schedule? What if you didn’t have to put your life completely on hold?

2 – You Can Complete Your Degree From Virtually Anywhere

This is done with the aid of a program called distance learning. Most distance learning programs are flexible, offer all the classes you need for your degree, and allow you to work your day job while going to school.

Truly, this makes it much easier and more possible for working adults to get an education and make more money without having to put their lives on hold! Since you won’t have to put your life on hold to start this degree, you can get started immediately.

3 – You Can Take This Type of Degree As Far As You Want

You can go as far as you want because paralegals and legal assistants usually only require an associates degree, and lawyers and professors need professional and doctorate degrees. But, the latter two also get paid more (a lot more).

If you want to make more with a business law degree, you can go through law school and get a Juris Doctorate (JD). According to bls.gov, lawyers make $112,760 annually. That’s $54.21 per hour! And that’s just the average. Some are making a lot more than that.

If teaching is something you like, you can get a doctorate business law degree and become a professor at a college or university.

4 – There is Financial Aid Available for Distance Learners

Most colleges and universities have a financial aid department. These people can make the cost of getting a business law degree very affordable for you. They can help you find the financial aid for which you will qualify. This way, you can start on your degree as soon as you’re ready.

5 – A Business Law Degree Will Always Be Needed in this World

With the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting the double digit growth in this field in the coming years, you can rest assured that your degree, knowledge, and skills will always be needed. This means that you’ll always have a job and be able to provide for yourself and your family.

Paralegals and legal assistants are among those occupations where the projected need is expected to grow the most – as much as 18% through 2020!

Now that you’ve looked at and evaluated all of the good reasons to get a business law degree, you’ll be able to find out for yourself whether or not it is right for you.

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