Distance Learning Conflict & Negotiation Management Degree

Conflict and management of conflict, including mediation, is becoming increasingly important in our litigious and conflict-filled society. A degree in Conflict and Negotiation Management addresses the need for professional education in the field.

When the idea of management of conflict in a non-legal manner was developed, these skills were applied to legal situations with emphasis upon labor relations and conflicts between entities such as states and Tribal domains. This type of mediation was applied after WW II when Labor Unions were establishing their rights in the American workplace. Professionals trained in conflict and management techniques now have a great many more opportunities available to them. Corporations and legal entities such as states and the U.S. Government use individuals and teams of individuals to identify sources of conflict and incipient conflict. These individuals then apply their expertise in conflict management skills to forestall potential legal battles.

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Careers in Conflict Management

These professionals can find employment in criminal justice, health-care management, education, corporations, and in the military both at home and overseas.As our society develops, we find conflict management and mediation becoming an important part of human life. For example, some states now require that couples enter a mediation process before they go to court for a divorce. This is particularly true if there is a property dispute and there is evidence of spousal abuse.

Mediation is an important aspect of many trials and criminal cases. The State of Nebraska has been experimenting with “restorative justice” in juvenile court. They recognize that juvenile crime affects a neighborhood as well as the individual committing the crime. After adjudication mediators help the parties work out a just return for any damage caused as well as a way to repair resentments which can affect the neighborhood.

Negotiation Management Salary Potential

According to the 2010 BLS Handbook, remuneration varies from $91,800 per year, with legal training, to $42,000 in the area of counseling. Free-lance mediators can receive a median wage of $52 per hour. Certification for judges, hearing officers, and attorneys is overseen by their individual licensing association. Ordinarily other participants do not require certification beyond completion of a degree. It is wise, however, to determine the protocol for your state by checking with state licensing departments.

Skills Learned in Courses

Students learn the psychology of individuals and the way individuals interact in groups. Knowledge of the signs of potential conflict is learned through classwork and observation of groups. Conflict resolution will be discussed and modeled as will methods of resolving conflict.

Decision making skills, along with critical reasoning skills will be encouraged. Active listening, clear reading comprehension, and exact writing skills will be honed through exercises and assessment.

This degree is extremely valuable in many aspects of our society today. Human Resources Management is another area to consider with this degree. Many people appreciate the skills of a talented mediator in smoothing interaction in the workplace. This career will lead to satisfaction and income for you and benefits for your community.

Format for the Classes

The courses for this conflict management degree are offered online through a distance learning format by several schools. One of the advantages of this approach to learning is that students can access the course work at their convenience. Deadlines for work are important to the learner, but the flexibility of the on line format allows independent scheduling around family and work.

Students are encouraged to join the online chat forum for each degree to take advantage of networking opportunities and contact with other students in their field of study.

Financial Aid Availability

Scholarships and grants are available to students upon application to the financial aid office at various institutions. It is necessary to contact them and complete forms to avail yourself of these opportunities.

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