Distance Learning Entertainment Management Degree

Entertainment Management is a broad degree focused on giving its students a wide variety of skills needed to be successful in the ever-booming entertainment industry. With the added benefit of having the ability to learn the skills you need online, there is no reason for young entrepreneurs interested in a career in the show business or management to not seek this degree.

Skills students learn whilst pursuing the Entertainment Management Degree

Seeing as though this degree nets students the ability to choose from a wide variety of career paths, including jobs like being an talent agent, producer, director, reporter, television advertiser and several management positions, the skills they learn are just as varied. Students engage in insightful programs designed to teach them business law, fund-raising strategies, effective communication, presentation skills, and accounting.

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The courses also focuses on personal development, increasing the work ethic of its students. One can have all the skills in the world, but it doesn’t mean anything without a solid foundation–and this degree is one that provides such a base whilst giving students the dexterity they need to be successful.

The electives in the degree are available for those who need more specialized skills in the career path they are interested in pursuing. For example, if one were interested in becoming a film director, electives would cover topics like effective camera angles and how to market your film to the public or an executive at a big film company.

The benefits of getting the degree online

In the real world, being merely talented doesn’t amount to much. This is why connections are hugely important in any industry, and this is truer for the entertainment industry than any other. This gives students a very strong incentive to take courses online–they will be introduced to people who can be anywhere in the world with internet access, instead of limited to a number of people attending the same school as them in the same area. The more varied in location a student’s connections are, the greater chance of the student being able to use them in a pinch.

There is also the fact that, with the ability for students online to direct their own schedules, there is the possibility that they will have the free-time needed for them to innovate in personal projects outside of school while they learn and develop new techniques in the classes available to them.

Potential salaries students can earn

Because there are so many different career paths a student can obtain through this degree, there is no unified and agreed upon salary that one could achieve. However, here is a small sample of potential jobs one could acquire through this degree with the salaries attached to them. These rates were taken directly from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and are the 2010 median statistics.

  • Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers — $108,260
  • Producers and Directors — $68, 440
  • Budget Analysts — $61, 690
  • Financial Analysts — $74, 350
  • Management Analysts — $78, 160

In conclusion, Entertainment Management is an extremely flexible degree with dozens of opportunities available for hard working students eager to break into a management position or a more specialized area into the entertainment industry, such as a film director or music artist. With nearly all possible jobs earning median-high wages, and the ability to take the class online and direct your own schedule, students looking for an entry into the most popular and growing industry in the world have every right to purse their dreams.

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