Distance Learning Finance Degree

Money makes the business world go around and in order to accomplish this companies need highly-skilled and motivated financial professionals. Many of these workers gain their education from distance learning finance degrees. Students seeking careers in banking, insurance, investments and financial services can gain the education they need from a variety of colleges. Students can choose from Associate, Bachelor and Master’s degrees depending upon the type of career they are seeking.

Finance Associate Degree

Corporate finance Associate degrees are offered by many colleges. Most of these degrees are Associate in Applied Science in Supervisory Management or Associate in Applied Science in Finance. Either of these degrees will give students the knowledge and skills to obtain entry-level positions in corporate finance. A high school diploma or GED is required for enrollment and students must have access to a computer with internet capability. General education courses such as english, math and science are studied along with classes on customer service, human resources and management skills. In addition students study a core curriculum of business and finance courses such as:

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  • Introduction to Business
  • Budget Preparation and Management
  • Investments
  • Fiscal Financing

These courses allow students to gain a general understanding of how corporate finance works and lay the foundation for an entry-level position in business.

Finance Bachelor’s Degree

Students seeking a Bachelor’s degree in this field can usually choose from two options. These are a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance or a Bachelor of Science in Finance. The Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance degree focuses on providing additional skills in accounting, finance, economics and business management. Courses studied in this program are:

  • Macroeconomics
  • Statistics
  • Financial Compliance Laws
  • Global Investing
  • Risk Management

Students can complete all classroom requirements online but some schools do require an internship with a finance company before graduating.

The Bachelor of Science in Finance option lets students take courses in banking, financial analysis and capital markets. These classes focus on analyzing investments and prepare students for careers as financial planners or investment bankers. These programs use e-mail and online message boards to compliment studies and some offer accelerated course formats, letting students finish their degrees in under four years.

Finance Master’s Degree

Students pursuing Master’s degrees in Finance should have no difficulty finding online options. These students are usually financial professionals already working full-time who are seeking promotions to upper-level management positions. They require 30 credit hours in such classes as:

  • International Finance
  • Applied Statistics
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Cost Management

These programs are very concerned with maintaining a high level of learning with the online programs and have the same curriculums as on-campus degrees. Students use a variety of web-based tools including streaming audio and video, interactive chat rooms, webcam presentations and e-mail to keep themselves engaged and able to turn in assignments, complete group projects, take tests and participate in online lectures.

Careers in Finance

Despite U.S. economic troubles many professions in corporate finance will be experiencing worker shortages by 2018. One of these is financial examiner. It’s like being a detective only without having bullets aimed at you. Financial examiners investigate a corporation’s accounting practices looking for fraud or negligence. Those specializing in criminal cases are called forensic accountants.

Job growth will be 41% through 2018 and salaries are outstanding. The average yearly salary is $80,000 while some make over $130,000. For students with an interest in finance and detective work this is a perfect career.

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