Distance Learning Management Degree

Getting an education is key in today’s world to having career and financial success. One such degree that can provide you with the opportunities and success you desire is a management degree through a distance learning program.

I’m going to share 5 reasons why you should consider a management degree if you are thinking of going back to school. Let’s take a look at each reason.

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A Management Degree Provides Limitless Career Options

With a management degree, you’ll have the necessary skills that you need to succeed in many different occupations. If you are able to manage yourself and others well, then there is more likely going to be someone interested in hiring you. These are the types of skills you’ll learn in your degree and on the job.

Of course, you might be saying that management jobs are difficult to get. And you might be right, that could be a valid observation.

But look at it like this, there are managers needed in a variety of fields. You can find one that fits your personality and work preferences. Moreover, bear in mind that managers of all levels make more money!

Here are a list of some of the types of management opportunities available:

  • Business Executives
  • Retail Managers
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Advertising Managers
  • Promotion Managers
  • Construction Managers
  • Medical and Health Service Managers
  • Administrative Service Managers
  • Food Service Managers

Of course, these are just a few. But the point is that there are many opportunities out there for individuals who know how to manage people and difficult situations well.

Managers Earn More

The actual cause of this is because managers have more responsibility and, generally speaking, more training. Managers are in charge of a variety of tasks including, but not limited to:

  • Hiring and Firing of Staff
  • Making Budgets
  • Setting and Achieving goals
  • Ordering Inventory
  • Providing Customer Service and Support
  • Training and Motivating Employees
  • Serving as a Leader

With these, and other, responsibilities, it is no wonder why managers get paid more. Here are a few average annual salaries of managers according to bls.gov (in 2010):

  • Chief Executives: $176,550
  • Advertising and Promotions Managers: $103,350
  • Administrative Services Managers: $86,720
  • Construction Managers: $93,900
  • Food Service Managers: $52,620
  • Medical and Health Services Managers: $96,030
  • General and Operations Managers: $114,490
  • Computer and Information Systems Managers: $125,660
  • Education Administrators, Elementary and Secondary School: $90,200

Most Management Positions Require a Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree is only 4 years of school. Of course, the salaries listed above most likely are factoring in work experience. But, the earning potential is there!

It is important to note, though, that some of the executive, administrative, and medical management positions likely require graduate level management degrees, which you can also get through distance learning. Plus, many companies will help you pay for this advanced training later in your career!

Distance Learning is Ideal for Working Adults

Because of the busy lifestyle of many people these days, colleges are adapting to students’ needs by providing distance learning programs. This allows you to go to school on your time schedule and at your convenience.

You can also utilize financial aid counselors at the school you’re admitted to so that you can get financial aid to help you pay for your schooling. This makes it easy and affordable!

Getting Started May Not Be as Hard as You Think

You can find schools that interest you, that offer a management degree through their distance learning program, and that will help you find financial aid, all with relative ease with the internet. Once you find the school that’s right for you, all that’s left is for you to get admitted, get registered, get financial aid, and get started on your road to a successful career and happy life!

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