Distance Learning MBA Degree

Those with a head for business should consider a Master’s of Business Administration distance learning degree (MBA). The business world is complex and always changing and needs people who are quick-thinking and adaptive to change. A distance learning business degree teaches students how to manage people and numbers. Online courses in this program focus on business strategies, microeconomics and financial accounting. People skills are also studied by learning about management styles and analytical thinking. Graduates of this program can apply for a wide variety of opportunities in business ranging from human resources to accounting. Online degrees are offered at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.

Master’s Degree in Business Administration

An online Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) links multiple business functions such as accounting, human resources and marketing together to better understand each one’s role in business success. Many schools offer online MBA’s. These programs teach students to manage resources, think critically about business problems and devise practical solutions to advance the interests of a business. This is a popular degree for working professionals wishing to advance to executive-level positions. Applicants need to have a bachelor’s degree and have taken the GRE and submitted their test scores. Some schools also prefer applicants who have had work experience in accounting, economics or statistics.

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The program is completed in two years and varies in format. Some have students completing one lesson a week while others emphasize team assignments. Online chat sessions and conferences are used so it’s advised students have a broadband connection for video conferences. The most recent version of Microsoft Office is also recommended.

MBA Degree Courses

Some typical MBA courses are:

  • Business strategy
  • Data analysis
  • Business organization
  • Global marketing

Potential MBA Degree Careers

Graduates have many career paths to choose from. Financial analysts, project managers, marketing directors and consultants are just a few of the jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports opportunities for MBA holders will be better than average through 2018. Growth will be 20% for financial analysts and 24% for consultants. Average yearly salaries for financial analysts are $55,000 and over $109,000 for marketing directors.

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