Distance Learning Real Estate Degree

The home buying process not a simple one. Between selecting the right home or commercial property, managing the financing and transferring titles, the real estate field is tricky to navigate. Most home buyers and sellers depend on the expertise of a licensed real estate agent to help them through this process. There is great demand for skilled real estate professionals, and getting a degree in real estate is the first step toward a rewarding career.

To begin a career in real estate, you must complete the required education and receive your licensing and certification. There are many universities that offer real estate degree programs, both in-class and online. While some students opt to take classes on campus, a growing number of students are finding the benefits of studying online. With flexible scheduling, many aspiring realtors study in the evenings while they work full-time during the day. Others work in the evenings and take courses in the morning. Online courses use a variety of formats—instant messaging, bulletin boards, email and video conferencing to deliver lessons. This mode of study prepares the real estate student for the technology they will use in their line of work.

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Real Estate Career Outlook and Salaries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 466,100 open real estate jobs in 2010. Hiring for these positions is steady with the number of realtors remaining about the same from year to year. The median salary for a real estate agent was $42,160, and those salaries are only expected to increase as the demand for real estate grows. These salaries vary by geographic region, with realtors in markets like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles commanding salaries at almost twice the national average.

Real Estate Career Paths

There are many career paths in the real estate field. With your distance learning online real estate degree you can pursue a career as an appraiser, sales agent, or broker. Many real estate agents take additional courses to become licensed insurance agents, thus increasing their salaries. While many real estate agents work for established companies, others start their own agencies and sell properties as independent sellers.

In addition to real estate sales, many people who earn a distance learning online real estate degree delve into the world of commercial renting. With new businesses opening every day, there is a great demand for storefronts, retail spaces and office space. Real estate agents help business owners find the right property at the right price. Temporary office space is one of the biggest new trends in realty and small business owners and independent contractors are scrambling to get in on the ground floor. This spells big business for agents who can connect their clients with the best opportunities.

Real Estate Course of Study

To earn the real estate distance learning degree, you will need to take some basic courses. Property management, real estate law, real estate finance and appraisal are some of the fundamental courses that you will take for the degree. A bachelor’s degree is highly preferred in the field, and many employers won’t hire those with out one. In addition to the degree, real estate agents must be licensed in their state of practice. Agents usually have to renew their licenses every 2-4 years and may be required to take continuing education courses. Many work full-time as agent interns while studying for the license. A distance education program will allow you to take additional courses that are relevant to the field that will help you to increase your knowledge and earnings.

There has never been a greater demand for qualified real estate professionals. Earn your real estate degree online today.

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