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A number of people have made a decision to getting a taxation degree through distance learning. Maybe you are considering this degree for yourself right now. Quite a few people aspire to it, but haven’t yet started. A small number got beyond dreaming and started acting. Many never really concentrate on it, make some excuse and push the thought onto a back burner.

Of course, it’s easy to find excuses like, “I’m too busy right now”or “I just can’t afford it”. But, are those reasons or excuses truly valid? Is that really a fair way to make up your mind to not go further?

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There are many reasons why you should get a taxation degree through distance learning. Here are the 4 most common reasons. Check them off as we look at them:

1. This Degree Leads to an Interesting and Rewarding Career

I know what you’re thinking, “taxes sound boring and nobody really likes them”. And I accept that is a valid observation. But still, consider it in this way. While it may be true that nobody really likes paying taxes, it is still an interesting and vibrant subject. And those who know it well are paid well for their knowledge.

What’s more, bear in mind that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported growth in this field of work from 7% in some areas, all the way up to 23% in others, depending on the occupation. That growth is expected to happen through 2020, literally the next few years!

It is also important to note that, those with the training and knowledge that a taxation degree would offer are earning on the low end around $34,000 per year and on the high end over $100,000 per year, on average. In other words, there are lots of opportunities for career growth and higher income.

2. There Are Many Possible Career Paths With This Degree

The actual cause of this is that so many careers use taxation knowledge. Accountants, tax preparers, financial advisers, financial analysts, tax examiners, etc. Together with the fact that this is a group of occupations are expected to see good to excellent growth in the next few years, it makes for a very smart decision to pursue as a degree.

3. This Degree is Super Versatile

Together with the great earning potential also comes the opportunity of using the knowledge you gain through a taxation degree to do whatever you want. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Work for a tax preparation service
  • Work for a CPA firm
  • Work for a corporation as an accountant
  • Be your own boss and do tax preparation out of your home office
  • Work as a tax examiner or tax auditor or another position for a government agency.

All of these reasons, combined with the fact that you can complete your taxation degree through distance learning, make this degree very appealing!

4. You Can Complete This Degree on Your Own Time With Distance Learning

With distance learning, completing a degree becomes more convenient and possible for working adults. You can work at your own pace, complete assignments as they come, and get the degree finished on your own terms.

It is also important to note that many schools today provide financial aid counselors who can walk you through the process of paying for school. They can help you find scholarships and grants to minimize the cost of paying for school. You owe it to yourself just to check. Why not do it today?

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