Distance Learning Computer Science Degree

Computers are an incredibly important part of the modern world. Any business that hopes to have a chance at competing in the market will depend on computer systems in some way. Not many people have the skills necessary to design the software and hardware that power the high-tech world, but it’s a safe bet that the people who do are well educated. Getting a computer science degree online is a great way to get started in this lucrative and fulfilling career.

Why get a Computer Science Degree?

Computer Science is a very complicated and scientific field. It isn’t the perfect career for everyone, but for those who’s calling is to work with technological systems that the world depends on, a Computer Science degree is an extremely useful qualification. Employers love seeing a resume with a degree on it. It lets them know that the applicant is educated in the necessary field and knows how to meet deadlines and perform well under pressure. For a scientific and technical career such as this, the skills obtained from a college education will be used every day.

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What Kinds of Degrees are Available?

Computer Science is a fairly common and very necessary program. Because of that, there are several types of degrees available, inluding:

  • Associate
  • Bachelor
  • Masters
  • Doctorate

These degrees are available through the online programs in many universities in the United States. With high level degrees like Masters and Doctorates, students will have great chances of landing excellent, lucrative jobs. But Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees also provide plenty of opportunity due to the immense size of the computer programming and development industry. Good programmers are always sought after!

What are the Courses Like?

Computer science courses are generally very hands-on, especially in online programs. There are plenty of math and logic courses that teach the very basics of how computing systems operate. These establish a good foundation for other courses where students learn the different coding languages of computers, such as Java, C++ and Python. Students also have access to more specific and specialized courses. There are options for video game programming, cyber security, and many other areas of study.

Why Should I Choose an Online Program?

An online education has distinct advantages over traditional class attendance. One of these reasons is obviously the flexibility. Being able to choose one’s own class schedule is a game-breaking convenience for some. There is also the issue of cost. Some of the top online universities can cost as low as $9,000 per year of attendance, and that’s including tuition, course materials, and all additional fees. On top of that, there are hundreds of scholarships and loans available for those who seek them out.

With those advantages in mind, computer science is essentially the perfect degree for an online education. Learning online familiarizes students with computers and the internet, which are both obviously very important to the industry. The use of computers to access classes also provides students with a platform to execute programming related exercises and projects.

What Kind of Careers are Available for Computer Science Graduates?

Upon graduation, students with degrees in computer science will have a plethora of potential job opportunities. The most basic programming jobs have an average earning potential of about $70,000 per year. Upper level Software Development jobs have a median yearly salary of about $90,000. Graduates who go the extra mile for a Doctorate can even land jobs that pay around $100,000 per year!

Computer programmers and developers are always needed in today’s highly technological society, and an online degree in computer science is a great way to get started in this important and exciting career.

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