Distance Learning Database Management Degree

Each year, more and more businesses implement new software to store, manage, and analyze important business data. As software becomes more complicated and businesses demand customizable features, a database administrator is called upon to implement these programs. A distance learning Database Management Degree can benefit anyone with these skills.

Distance Learning for a Database Management Degree

Anyone considering a career as a database administrator should earn a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in database management, information systems management, computer science, or business technology. This rewarding degree can lead to management positions within a company.

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Any student can obtain a database management degree from the comfort of their home with a distance learning program. Courses can be completed through the internet in a real virtual classroom with a qualified professor. Many online programs are offered on an advanced track so students can complete the degree faster than they can in a traditional school.

Types of Database Management Degrees

The types of database management degrees that can be earned are:

  • Associate of Science
  • Bachelor of Computer Science / Database Management
  • Masters of Computer Science/ Database Management

Students in a database administration program study systems such as Oracle, OLAP, and PL/SQL. Learning involves a great deal of hands on training with programs used by business all over the country. Lessons are tailored to teach applications that are relevant to business.

Database Management Degree Courses

A distance learning degree in database management requires a curriculum of specific computer science courses. Course work is designed to train students how to manage, develop, and maintain database management systems in a variety of businesses. Programs of study include:

  • Procedural Languages- programming languages for the hierarchical design of databases and network. This process determines data structures and instructs the computer how to store data and connect to a network.
  • Database Administration- an introductory course into the science behind database management and the architecture of a database. This course covers other basics such as sizing a database based on the needs of a business, archival systems, and recovery after a data disaster.
  • Advanced Database Design- progressive techniques on tweaking database performance, validation of data, advanced security, and data storage procedures.
  • Advanced Database Management- course explores the practice of data mining and transaction processes, and roll back procedures.

Careers for Graduates of Database Management Degree

The need for degree holding database managers is growing at a rapid speed. Businesses of all kinds need these specialized services for managing databases, extrapolating and analyzing vital data, maintaining data storage, and guaranteeing the safety of confidential files.

As technology advances, businesses are able to collect a wide variety of personal information on clients. Protecting and managing highly personal information in industries such as hospitals, government agencies, legal services, and banking requires advanced skills in data management.

Students who complete a distance learning degree in database management or computer information systems may work in careers such as database analysis, administration, engineering or work as intelligence consultants in business.

Outlook for Distance Learning Database Administrator Degree

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for database administrators will rise by 31 percent by 2020, which is higher than increases in other fields. Database administrators can expect a median salary of $73,490, or $35.33 per hour. As one of the fastest growing fields, earning a degree in Data Base Administration is a worthwhile endeavor.

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