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The video game industry is one of the fastest growing and most popular industries out there. There are all kinds of jobs in the field, from art and design to software development. Obtaining a degree in game design is an excellent way to get an edge in the competitive job market. It is very possible to get a variety of game design degrees online, and it’s hard to beat the low costs and flexibility of online distance learning.

Game Design School Accreditation

The business of designing games is as much of an art form as it is a science. Because of this, not every job available is totally dependent on having a degree. On the artistic side, such as art design and music, experience and a good quality portfolio generally get people jobs. The software development and programming side is more scientific in nature, making a good education a big part of the hiring process. But regardless of which side a student chooses, having a degree from a credible university gives job-seekers an important advantage that not everyone else has.

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Available Degrees for Game Design

Online universities in the United States offer three main types of degrees in game design.

  • Associate
  • Bachelor
  • Masters

Some times, students who have obtained an Associate’s degree (usually after two years) believe they have enough experience and knowledge to get out there and get to work, and they often succeed! Most students choose to pursue a Bachelor’s degree. This standard four year degree is a safe bet and usually leads to solid chances of employment and a strong understanding of the chosen aspect of game design. The Master’s degree takes a little bit longer (generally five years) but teaches good leadership on top of great design. Those with Master’s degrees are very sought-after in the job market!

Some Types of Game Design Courses

The great beauty of game design is the variety of paths available. There are so many different types of courses available in game design programs. Just to name a few:

  • Visual art
  • Animation
  • Computer science/software development
  • Sound design/engineering
  • Music composition
  • Graphic design

It’s pretty clear that the video game industry revolves around teamwork and a variety of skills. Getting a degree from an online university is a great way to refine those skills.

How Much Does it Cost?

The price of an online education varies between schools. Some of the top ranking online universities in the United States can cost anywhere from $9,000 all the way to $42,000 per year. These prices include tuition, course materials, and other fees. There are also countless scholarships and loans available for students, lowering the costs even more.

Why Choose Game Design Online?

Going to school online is always a good choice because of the flexibility and affordability. But game design is almost the perfect degree for distance learning. Taking classes online gives students a familiarity with computers and the internet; both of which are important tools for game development. Additionally, students can more easily find a program that suits their specific interest over the internet, rather than by scouting local collages.

Careers Available for Game Designers

As mentioned before, the career possibilities for game designers are varied and nearly endless. This particular career field can be very lucrative, too. For example, there are jobs in Multimedia Art and Animation that average around $60,000 per year, as well as opportunities Software Development with median salaries of $90,000 per year!

The game design field is certainly nothing to be laughed at. Every year, more and more artists and engineers make successful and fulfilling careers in this growing industry.

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