Distance Learning Information Systems Security Degree

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, people working in the information security field earn between $42,000 to $125,000 annually. Over 272,000 people are employed in this line of work in the U.S. Earning a distance learning information systems security degree is a great way to jump start your career in this field.

Information Systems Security Job Growth

Job growth in all phases of information security management has exploded in recent years as organizations look security professionals to develop methods and practices to protect their information assets. Organizations are hiring skilled individuals who can implement security to take the risks of their businesses.

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Information Systems Security Skills & Responsibilities

The role and responsibilities of information security professionals are evolving quickly with the rapid adoption of mobile and cloud computing by small start-up firms to Fortune 500 companies. Corporate data and information assets are transitioning to the web and making it much harder for security professionals to keep their organizations data safe.

As a result of this transition, information security professionals must obtain the training and develop the skills they need to evolve into security advisors. Businesses are seeking information security professionals who have advanced skills and experience in information risk management, governance and compliance, metrics and data analytics, governance and compliance and business consulting. The days of acquiring basic information security skills are over, and businesses are focused on the best trained talent to help them protect their corporate information assets. Whether those assets are housed in corporate data centers or the operations of cloud providers.

Most information security professionals are accustom to focusing mainly on technology. However, the drive toward mobile devices and cloud computing is now forcing security professionals to refocus on data and business processes. They must be prepared to address the emerging risks to these new business strategies.

Challenges in Information Systems Security

The transition from managing information security to managing the providers of that security (i.e. cloud providers) can be a challenge for some security professionals. They must now develop the skills to obtain answers from third-party service providers rather than just providing the answers themselves. The security professionals now need to obtain visibility into the design, implementation and operation of their companies cloud providers infrastructure.

Similar to the security challenges with cloud computing, the adoption of mobile device is forcing security professionals to focus more on business processes and people rather than just issues with technology. As more and more corporate information is being made available via mobile devices to employees and customers, it is driving security managers to think more like business consultants versus technologists.

The bottom line is that information security professionals must prepare themselves to address the new and emerging security risks to these fast growing business strategies.

Skills Acquired with an Information Systems Security Degree

As security specialists transition from being a security professional to an information risk and security professional they need to develop new competencies. This broader role requires greater understanding and appreciation for the business policies and practices of any organization. The skills include:

  • Organizational behavior and psychology
  • Business knowledge
  • Information risk management
  • Communications
  • Consulting and advisory
  • Change management
  • Privacy
  • Metrics and data analytics

The path to gain this expanded information security knowledge starts with taking the appropriate college courses to earn an Information Systems Security bachelors degree. The courses may include the basics of information systems (IS) and information technology (IT) such as computer networking, programming and software engineering. There are additional courses that focus on risk management practices and techniques.

Information Systems Security Degrees Available Online

Colleges and universities now offer the following affordable and convenient online degrees:

Associate Degree in Information Security
Bachelor Degree in Information Security
Masters Degree in Information Security
Doctorate (PhD) in Information Security
Certificate in Information Security
Graduate Certificate in Information Security

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