Distance Learning Information Technology Degree

If managing computer systems for organizations and keeping data secure sounds like a challenging career then an information technology degree can provide one with the necessary skills and abilities. Many schools offer online Bachelor’s degrees in the field of Information Technology allowing those already employed the chance to advance their careers or begin new ones.

Information Technology Bachelor’s Degree

A Bachelor of Science degree in information technology provides students with the needed skills for success in this highly technical field. IT professionals manage an organization’s technical resources and ensure the stability, availability and security of data and information technology services. Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree learn to do many things such as:

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  • Apply, configure and manage technologies
  • Evaluate existing and emerging technologies
  • Recognize user needs
  • Devise user-friendly interfaces

A bachelor’s degree prepares students to be information technology professionals able to assist users in solving problems while evaluating their technological needs. Those pursuing this major study such technological topics as:

  • Website development and management
  • Networking
  • Digital media publishing
  • Application development
  • Information systems
  • Databases

Upon completing this program students are able to take their place in the workforce as systems analysts or information systems specialists.

Information Technology Bachelor’s Degree Prerequisites

A Bachelor’s degree program in information technology has certain prerequisites. Most applicants must already hold an associate’s degree in a related field or have 60 credit hours that can transfer. Students must also be very good at math and take pre-calculus prior to enrolling. Students in this major need extremely good math, computer, quantitative and problem-solving abilities.

Information Technology Bachelor’s Degree Courses

Most Bachelor of Science programs require students to complete betwen 125-130 credit hours for graduation. Candidates take classes in liberal arts and science along with general business, computers and technology. Topics covered in classes include:

  • Digital systems
  • Data structures
  • Computer concepts and technology
  • Computer programming
  • Supply chain management
  • Information systems and operating strategies
  • Business data and communication
  • Business systems
  • Managerial economics
  • Managerial operations analysis

These classes provide students with a broad overview of information technology and teach skills needed to understand not only computer concepts but business ones as well. Students need a computer with high-speed internet, webcam and updated browser and software to complete assignments and communicate with professors.

Information Technology Bachelor’s Degree Careers

Graduates of a Bachelor’s degree program are qualified to work in many aspects of information technology such as telecommunications and network support, information systems management, database development and maintenance, programming, security and support. Some possible career options for graduates include:

  • Database manager
  • Quality assurance analyst
  • Hardware analyst
  • Information systems manager
  • Applications programmer
  • Computer security analyst

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports fast as average job growth of 18% for information systems managers and related occupations through 2020 with outstanding salaries for graduates. Bachelor’s degree holders will enjoy average salaries of almost $116,000 per year for those with up to 4 years of experience.

Information Technology Bachelor’s Degree Continuing Education

Continuing education is critical in this field. Professional certifications for various software can help with promotions and staying on top of the latest trends and technologies. Certifications can provide job security, pay raises and stronger resumes. The most common certifications include Microsoft MCSA and MCSE, Cisco CCNA, Security+ and Linux+. So if information technology sounds interesting an online degree can be the first step to a great career.

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