Distance Learning Internet Security Degree

The internet has helped to bring about great change in the way people do business and share information. But with this freedom of informational exchange, the issue of security has become an entire career field. Safety on the internet is something that everyone needs, and an online degree in internet security is a great way to start a career in protecting the business of others.

Why get an Internet Security Degree?

Cyber security is a very technical craft that takes lots of hours of hard work and dedication to get a handle on. Universities offer great courses that utilize teaching techniques that have been refined over years of research. There is no better way to develop the skills necessary for a technical degree like internet security than taking college courses. As an added benefit, a degree of any kind looks great on a resume. It shows determination, intelligence, and discipline to potential employers on the job market. In today’s competitive job market, these kinds of advantages can make or break a potential career.

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What Degrees are Available?

Because internet security is such a necessary field with a lot of opportunity for careers, there are several types of degrees available to students. Here’s a list:

  • Associate
  • Bachelor
  • Masters
  • Doctorate

There are plenty of jobs in cyber security that can be obtained with a bachelor’s degree. However, teaching jobs almost always require a master’s degree or a doctorate. Either way, there are always a lot of career option for those with a good command of computer security techniques.

What are the Internet Security Classes Like?

As a technical craft, cyber security offers very scientific and hands-on classes. Students spend most of their time studying and applying the techniques for securing network based information exchanges. Some of these techniques include network basics, disk forensics, intrusion detection, and system auditing.

Courses take place mostly on computers, allowing students to practice writing code and testing security protocols. Students will learn to work both independently and as a team to reflect realistic situations in the potential career field.

Why Choose Distance Learning for Internet Security?

Campus universities, while very useful, can be a headache to fund. On top of that, they tend to cause scheduling problems. Online education programs offer a lot more options in both of those categories. On average, tuition, course materials, and other fees add up to cost a lot less than that of traditional colleges. Just as well, online courses offer an unparalleled freedom and flexibility in scheduling. Say goodbye to inconvenient class times!

Internet security is literally a degree made for the internet. Spending time with on the internet familiarizes students with the digital environment in which they hope to work one day. Furthermore, online courses offer a great platform for students to execute and share their internet security projects. Programming concepts can easily be taught through demonstration on web-based class software. Paper and pencils are great, but computers give students much more valuable experience for the future.

What Careers are Available?

Cyber security experts have the potential to start very lucrative and interesting careers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that with just a bachelor’s degree, network administrators and information security analysts can start out making an average of $75,000 per year. The B.L.S. also projects that the network security job market is expected to grow 22%-28% from 2010 to 2020.

As the world continues to get more and more digital, more security experts will be necessary. Earning an internet security degree online is a great way to start a promising future in a growing career field.

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