Distance Learning Mobile Computing Degree

Mobile technology has revolutionized the way people interact with others and information. As of right now, just over half of all American adults own a cell phone and a significant proportion of those phones are capable of using sophisticated online software. A growing number of people, estimated at several million, use their phones as their primary source of Internet access. This being the case, it is becoming more critical that businesses be able to provide a fully mobile experience that takes advantage of this new technology. Mobile computing professionals are involved in designing, developing, testing and implementing hardware and software to make this possible.

How Much Do Mobile Computing Professionals Get Paid With a Degree?

Most mobile computing professionals will be involved with the development of software, although some will be engineers who handle hardware innovation. For those who decide to specialize in software, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a median pay of just over $90,000 per year. Growth in this area is expected to be much faster than average through the year 2020. Even so, however, software professionals should prepare for a highly competitive job market. Those who choose to focus on hardware will have a similar compensation outlook. Median pay for such a professional clocks in at just under $100,000, but job growth is slower than on the software side of the industry.

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What Careers Are Available for a Mobile Computing Professional With a Degree?

The majority of mobile computing professionals specialize in software and are employed at various businesses. Since thousands of companies use mobile software, there is no one “profile” for what mobile software technicians will work on. For example, they might work on games, social media applications or customized programs that help consumers stay connected with their favorite brands. Those who specialize in mobile computer hardware will typically work for a company in the area of computer or networking hardware. They might be employed by industry leaders such as Cisco, Apple or Microsoft and will be responsible for coordinating with a team to untangle physical engineering challenges.

Why is Distance Learning a Good Choice for Mobile Computing?

Mobile computing is a complex field that involves knowledge of both hardware and software. Many of the concepts involved in working on a mobile computing project are easier to explain and understand using the media and visual aids available in distance learning. For example, a professor might “link” an entire class to a software demonstration where he or she shows how to work through a particularly important problem. In a traditional learning environment, it is harder to follow along with this and really come to grips with what is being explained. Likewise, distance learning makes it easier to coordinate with other students and to work on projects together; this will be required both during the degree and in the real world.

Tuition, Scholarships and Other Issues Related to Distance Learning in Mobile Computing

Mobile computing is an advanced course of study in high technology. As a result, tuition can be higher than average. However, distance learning tuition is almost universally more affordable than traditional college tuition. You can expect to pay between $8,000 and $12,000 per year in tuition fees. You might also be expected to purchase software to help you. This is the same software you will use in your future career. Though it can be expensive, students usually get discounts. Although there are few scholarships available, many employers will offer student debt repayment plans to skilled graduates.

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