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The world is full static and dynamic visual designs. Interesting and thought-provoking graphics and videos are in high demand from nearly every business. Graphic logos and other imagery make organizations memorable. Multimedia designers usually have very interesting and fulfilling careers doing what they love. Getting a degree in multimedia design through online distance learning is how many designers get set on their paths to success.

Why Degrees are Important

Professionals who work in the visual design field can attest that the most important parts of getting work are having a great portfolio, large social networks, and a good education. It’s a safe bet that nearly every aspiring multimedia designer has a demo of completed work. But not everyone can say they developed their skills and practiced at a university. Any graphic artist, animator, or video designer with a good education on his or her resume has a great way to supplement a strong portfolio.

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Kinds of Degrees in Multimedia Design

Multimedia design is a broad area of study that has several specific sub-topics within. Because of this, there are many degrees that can be obtained in a multimedia program.

  • Associate
  • Bachelor
  • Masters
  • Doctorate

Associate’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees are more commonly completed than the longer programs, because most jobs in the field don’t require anything higher. But Doctorates and Master’s degrees are available for those who wish to teach.

Kinds of courses

As stated earlier, multimedia design covers lots of sub-fields, so the style of classes varies greatly. In graphic design courses, students learn how to use industry standard software, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, to design and generate imagery for logos, websites, and other purposes. Animation classes teach students how bring imagery to life with both three dimensional and flat motion. There are also video design courses that teach proper shooting, editing, and visual effects techniques.

Multimedia design classes are almost all hands-on. Artistic endeavors like this gain little from lecturing and worksheets. Design classes allow students to express themselves creatively while still working toward a specific objective.

Benefits of Online Courses

The two obvious benefits of choosing an online education program are flexibility and affordability. The ability to choose convenient times for class work is beneficial to everyone. The same can be said for budget-friendly tuition and fees. But the real beauty of taking a multimedia design program online is the great platform that computers provide for designer. Like most art forms in today’s society, almost every graphic design, video design, and animation project ends up on a computer. Computers are great tools for artists. Taking design classes from computers makes it possible for students to read, work on projects, and submit work files all from one place. Teachers are taking full advantage of cloud-based storage systems for creative software, making it easier than ever for students and professionals to share their work.

Career Opportunities for Multimedia Designers

Most multimedia designers can find work with bachelor’s degrees. A large percentage of graphic designers are self employed and do freelance work, making an average of $43,000 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Clients usually consist of websites, magazines, and miscellaneous businesses that use logos and other types of graphics. Animators and videographers can make a living working on movies, television, games, and other media with a median annual salary of $58,000.

The careers of multimedia designers are very creative and draw on the imagination. Obtaining an online degree in multimedia design is a great idea for hard working people with who think visually.

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