Distance Learning Criminal Justice Degrees

There are many career opportunities with a degree in criminal justice. Photo by greenmelinda.

There are many career opportunities with a degree in criminal justice. Photo by greenmelinda.

Criminal justice is the expansive term for the field that functions to control and prevent crime in the United States. The criminal justice system hires a large variety of highly trained specialists to prevent crime through law enforcement. Criminal justice workers specialize in the apprehension, prosecution, incarceration, and rehabilitation of adult and youth criminals. The criminal justice system also serves victims of crimes in social service programs. Other branches focus on intervention to prevent crimes. In the past decade, the demand for employees with a criminal justice degree have doubled due to the threat of terrorism and expansion of homeland security.

There are many branches of the field of criminal justice. A distance learning criminal justice degree prepares graduates for a career in the penal system or as a probation officers. A specialized distance learning corrections degree prepares students for a career as a corrections offer and provides the opportunity for advancement. A criminology degree trains students for a rewarding career as a law enforcement detective. Those interested in forensics can obtain a distance learning crime scene investigation degree which prepares students to solve crimes through analyzing evidence of a crime location. A law enforcement degree not only prepares students for employment as officers of the law, but provides the credentials needed for a promotion to manager. Nowadays you can even get your Masters of Science in Criminal and Social Justice online. There are multiple criminal justice classes offered online which makes it easy for anyone who is also working. Browse this website to look over criminal justice degrees available online.

For those who want to study a more specific area of criminal justice, distance learning degrees are available as distance learning cyber crime degrees for those who want to fight internet crimes. For those interesting in profiling criminals, a distance learning forensic psychology degree explores the psychological factors behind criminal behavior. This degree is different than a forensics degree that trains students how to process the physical evidence of a crime scene.

With the recent increase in national and international terrorist attacks, criminal justice has expanded to include homeland security. For students wanting to work in government agencies, a homeland security degree or security degree trains students to recognize and intercept threats to security. These degrees can also enable students to obtain full time employment in personal security or enter state employment in the Secret Service or CIA. For students seeking a well rounded degree to work in any arena of criminal justice, a distance learning legal studies degree. This versatile degree provides students with a thorough overview of the legal processes used criminally and civilly.

The field of criminal justice is a highly diversified with many niches. Distance learning programs prepare students to work as managers of agencies such as correctional facilities, police departments, and forensic units. Students emerge from distant learning programs prepared to manage a criminal justice program, a state budget, and personnel. Distance learning programs are more than a textbook education. Programs are designed with virtual online training paired with practical internships to give students a hands-on approach to the curriculum.

To learn more about distance learning degrees in criminal justice, browse our informative site. By entering your degree of interest into the search box below, you can find free information on any distance learning program. The information is free and you are not obligated to enroll.

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