Distance Learning Criminology Degree

The field of criminology is the in-depth study of the cause, effect, and psychology of all criminal behavior. By researching the scientific and behavioral nature, society as a whole can gain a better understanding of the criminal mind. The perpetual questions we always ask ourselves in the wake of crimes, the questions of why and how can come closer to being answered. The more we comprehend and educate ourselves, the more effective it becomes to prosecute, rehabilitate, and hopefully quell the criminal underbelly of mainstream society.

What is Criminology?

Criminology is a fascinating subject matter that contains all the makings of the best drama on television. With the deductive reasoning skills to understand, solve, and prosecute crime in all its forms, a background in criminal study means that there is the opportunity to make a real difference in the world through strength of conviction and knowledge coupled with a passion for justice. Qualified criminologists can learn these skills and are blessed with the opportunity of a life time to promote real change not only in the lives of those marred by crime, but even in the lives of those willing to amend themselves from felony.

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Careers for Criminology Degree Holders

The study of criminal behavior and law dates far back, to more than a century ago in Italy. Today, criminology is one of the few main interdisciplinary programs available that has several areas of practical real world application. Research in criminal based study programs focuses on instances of offense, methods, causes, and consequences. Such a broad based education program prepares you for a career in almost any field of law enforcement imaginable: border patrol, local police force or lead investigator, juvenile justices, security, corrections, or even federal level office. Legislative positions include judiciary seats, and personal attorney practices. Given the opportunity, you can chose to fight crime at the fundamental roots and causes, or prosecute to uphold state and federal law in your community to promote a safer environment.

Criminology Degree Courses

Uncovering the reason and nature of crime in itself is one of the top priorities of a criminal investigator, which is why a criminology course discipline requires in-depth research practices through a focused range of subject matter and studies. Crime comes in many forms which is why criminal research based study programs require such an assortment of classes. A base in sociology examines public philosophies and climates wherein crime takes precedent and is the most common. Combined with behavioral sciences, psychology, and psychiatry, criminology curriculum lays a foundation for uncovering the nature and causes of corporeal unlawful behavior. These courses encourage open debate at length to the veritable theories of crime and the root causes that make some habitual offenders versus opportunistic delinquents. Supplementary studies in law outline the political framework by which society dictates over crime, and highlights the boundaries which officers of the law function in.

Criminology Skills

Through this broad based education structure, students can see how each lesson interconnects to a complex web towards further interlinked perspective of the criminal human psyche. With better understanding means a greater difference can be made for the future of law. Crime may not pay, but criminology does, with greater peace of mind and the knowledge that your work contributes towards the greater good. Whether it is patrolling on foot or prosecuting in the court room or investigating crime through forensic and psychological means is in your future, a degree in criminology research is one that opens doors.

If law enforcement and criminal research beckons, then start earning your online degree in the field of criminal research and study today with the freedom and opportunity that comes from distance learning degree programs.

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