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Every year, millions of dollars in damage is done by criminals who operate primarily on the Internet. Everything from fraud to release of malicious software to targeted assaults on financial industry targets can happen at any given moment. However, shady characters hiding behind the anonymity of a computer screen are not the only ones who make the online world dangerous. White collar criminals can also engage in fraud, blackmail, embezzlement and industrial espionage using their partial access to sensitive systems. No matter what the specifics are or who the perpetrator is, cyber crime is the exciting study of these acts, how to investigate them in a law enforcement context and how to prevent them. Cyber crime specialists combine technical and forensic knowledge to find the perpetrators of online criminal acts.

How Much Do Cyber Crime Specialists Get Paid With a Degree?

Cyber crime is a growing field that is likely to enjoy high demand and growth. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that it and related professions will grow faster than average during the decade ending 2020 and that the median salary for technicians specializing in information security will remain over $75,000. The total compensation package for professionals in cyber crime varies according to their seniority, their technical skills and the specific industry or area of the economy where they choose to work. As a group, those who specialize in data security are subject to some of the highest rates of pay of any technology field. It is not unusual for seasoned cyber crime experts to get paid more than $90,000 per year, assuming they are successful in supervisory duties, leading a case load and maintaining technical capabilities.

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What Careers Are Available for a Cyber Crime Major With a Degree?

The majority of cyber crime professionals will work directly with law enforcement agencies. While some state law enforcement agencies may employ cyber security specialists, the majority are employed by the federal government. They most typically work with the Department of Defense; this positions them for significant salary growth and professional development over time. Others will work for the Treasury Department or other government agencies. It is unusual, but not unheard of, for them to work directly for major financial institutions or other global businesses. Such a professional may work for his or her employer exclusively or may operate an independent business as an independent consultant.

Why is Distance Learning a Good Choice for Cyber Crime Study?

Studying cyber crime means gaining a detailed understanding of technology and the law. For distance learning students, reference databases make the process of learning the law easier than it is for traditional students. The technical aspects of the career are also enhanced: Using interactive websites and software, it becomes possible to work through the complete investigative process. While cyber crime majors will do a large portion of their work with a group of other distance learning students, developing the skills to coordinate and meet their goals through online and telephone interaction will supply them with core competencies for their future career.

Tuition, Scholarships and Other Issues Related to Distance Learning in Cyber Crime

Cyber crime degree programs are generally considered part of legal studies rather than information technology. As a result, many students will enjoy more affordable tuition with fewer additional costs than their peers in IT programs. Scholarships are frequently available from law enforcement agencies of the U.S. federal government, particularly for those who would like to work with the Department of Homeland Security.

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    I would like to know the toal cost of the program,and its duration. Further i would like to know if the cost can be paid in instalment as per the duration.

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    I would like to know the toal cost of the program,and its duration. Further i would like to know if the cost can be paid in instalment as per the duration.

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