Distance Learning Education & Teaching Degrees

Enjoy teaching others? Consider an education or teaching degree online. Photo by vividimageinc.

Enjoy teaching others? Consider an education degree. Photo by vividimageinc.

Thousands of students enroll in a distance learning program each year for the accessibility of an online postsecondary education. Distance learning programs have reformed higher education, making a college degree in the reach of a broader population, including working adults. Education is one of the most popular fields of study for distance learning for those with a passion for teaching children and adults. A distance learning program prepares students for a rewarding career working with students of all ages by offering specialized degrees such as a teacher licensure degree, an educational counseling degree, and even an online education degree.

The field of education is broad and offers opportunities in teaching, management, and statistics. For aspiring teachers of younger students, distance learning degrees include a child development degree, an early childhood education degree, a K-12 education degree, and a special education degree. These degrees prepare students for a teaching career for students in pre-school to twelth grade.

A variety of distance learning degrees are available for students who would like to teach older students in a secondary education setting. The continuing education for educators degree enables graduates to manage the continuing education courses offered at community colleges. An educational technology degree gives students hands on training in teaching students in a distance learning environment. The higher education, curriculum and instruction, and the secondary education degrees train students to function as curriculum planning administrators in secondary education environments. An instructional design degree prepares students for a career in secondary facilities as designers of degree programs.

Traditional teaching majors are now offered through distance learning programs. Students can choose an English language learning degree, mathematics degree, music education degree, a reading and literacy degree, or a science or social science degree. For students interesting in becoming a school librarian, a library science degree will provide the credentials. A four year education degree is available to students without a specific preference for a subject.

For those who are already employed in the field of education, but would like a promotion or higher wages, distance learning programs offer an educational administration degree for principals, an assessment and measurement degree for compliance officers, and a educational leadership degree for teachers who want to lead others . In many cases, an employer may pay the tuition for employees to further their education to meet the needs of a school.

Distance learning programs are the perfect choice for many because of the flexibility of courses and easy accessibility. Whether you are a working adult, stay at home mom, or active soldier in the military, a distance learning degree can help you reach your goals while providing real world, hands-on experience in hundreds of majors. Each degree is specifically tailored to the needs of the industry and provides excellent opportunities for employment and advancement.

Browse our site to find out more about distance learning degrees in education. Use the search box below to find a distance learning college offering the degree that interests you. The school of choice will send you an information packet with more information and an admissions application. The information is free and you are not obligated to enroll. Get started on earning your online degree today!

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  1. Rosette Racheku says:

    hi i did the following subjects at school

    SESOTHO :First Language HG- D
    Afrikaans :Second Language SG- F
    English :First Language SG- E
    Business Economics SG- E
    Economics SG- E
    Biology LG- F
    Accounting LG- F
    Do I Qualify? I’m Currently a Class Assistance at a Primary School for 2 years now.

  2. Maddy says:

    I am a new student in a journalism course at Open School of Journalism. It is a distance education program. Does anybody want to share their experiences either either with journalism programs/distance education or both? Since I am new to this, I am seeking some help. Their staff is friendly, however, I would like to talk to other students with similar experiences.

  3. Linda W. says:

    Hi- I want to complete a bachelor’s degree in secondary education. I completed over 100 credits that date back a number of years. Please advise. Thank you!

  4. Learning with PROs says:

    With the development of Technology, Internet, we can learn from anywhere, anytime with your own computers, even mobile phones.
    It’s easy for an US student to learn math from a Canadian tutor without face-to-face communication. That’s great!

  5. Caro says:

    please send me all the information on the education and teaching program. Thank you

  6. Mallory F. says:

    Hi, I am searching for a master of ed. in school counseling through distance learning.

  7. Lampros Loukas says:

    Hi. I’m looking for a degree course in education through distance learning.
    Thanks in advance.

  8. nokukhanya says:

    I m looking for a master of education degree through distance learning method.im teaching in Kwazulu natal


    am looking for a master of music education on distance learnig

  10. amelia scott says:

    Interested in acquiring a “Site Supervisors Permit” need information. Thank you, Amelia

  11. ZAKARIA J HAROUN says:

    I want to join, but join instruction its not indicated?

  12. Penny says:

    I m looking for a Post graduate diploma of Education(better in Music Education) through the distance learning. Thanks

  13. saeed says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a doctoral degree on Educational Leadership through the distance learning method. Thanks!

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