Distance Learning Child Development Degree

For those who aspire to become teachers or administrators in schools a degree in child development can make the dream a reality. Online degrees are available for students seeking a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in child development. Graduates can become preschool or kindergarten teachers with a Bachelor’s degree and then move into administrative positions with a Master’s degree if desired. Working with children and helping them develop the necessary skills to succeed in life is one of the most rewarding jobs any person can have. These online degree programs are designed for those who are currently teaching, have attended community college and others who are just beyond their college years.

Child Development Bachelor’s Degree

The Bachelor’s degree in Child Development prepares students for the national exam to become licensed preschool or kindergarten teachers. State guidelines including certain courses and a supervised practicum are included in the online degree. Students who complete the program come away with a Bachelor of Science in Education with an emphasis on Child Development or Early Childhood Education. These programs take four years to complete and consist of 120 credits for graduation. To become licensed students must complete a semester-long internship that combines online seminars and field work.

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Child Development Bachelor’s Degree Courses

In addition to general education classes students also take child development classes such as these:

  • Early childhood principles and foundations
  • Early childhood language and literacy
  • Family relations

Students learn about the history of early childhood education, how to develop language arts skills in young children and help promote literacy, how to maintain cooperation between families and schools and how to work with families of various socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

Child Development Bachelor’s Degree Careers

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports educational services positions will have 12% annual growth over the next decade. Average annual salaries for kindergarten teachers are near $48,000 and almost $25,000 for preschool teachers.

Child Development Master’s Degree

A Master of Science in Child Development prepares graduates for teaching careers, administrative positions or guidance counseling positions. Both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees offer online lectures and interactive sessions combined with student teaching and internships. The program requires 30-42 credits for completion and lets students complete all assignments online using e-mail, live chat, message boards and websites. Student teaching and internships are also required in online degree programs. Students get trained in child behavior and age-appropriate activities as well as how to maintain daily records, follow safety regulations, create a professional demeanor and program planning and guidance. Master’s degree programs allow students to specialize in such areas as:

  • Communication arts
  • Play development
  • Young child assessment

Child Development Master’s Degree Courses

Students enrolled in an online Master’s program take the same classes as those in traditional classroom settings. These can include:

  • Child Assessment and Evaluation
  • Understanding Family Interaction
  • Early childhood learning and guidance
  • Counseling and development appraisal
  • Foundations of Reading
  • Teaching English as a second language

Students also get trained in other areas including:

  • Child health and nutrition
  • Exceptional children
  • First Aid
  • Physical education
  • Caring for autistic children

Child Development Master’s Degree Careers

Many graduates who obtain this degree become certified as elementary school teachers. Others choose careers in counseling, child protective services and nursing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that child protective services positions will have much faster than average job growth of 25% through 2020 with average annual salaries of almost $43,000 per year for these workers.

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