Distance Learning Educational Administration Degree

For those people employed in education or those wishing to make a career change a degree in Educational Administration may be the answer. Many colleges offer online Master’s degrees in this field and provide students an opportunity to gain the education necessary to move into administrative roles within public schools and colleges. Students can choose either the Master of Science in Educational Leadership or the Master of Education in Educational Administration.

Both public and private colleges and universities offer this degree program to students. The program will provide students with the necessary leadership skills for employment as school principals in public schools or administrative positions within colleges. Upon completing this program students are prepared to work with students of all ages as well as with other faculty members. Cooperation is a key part of these jobs and this degree puts a strong emphasis on cooperation at all levels of an educational institution. Topics covered include:

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  • Implementation of school procedures
  • Comprehending curriculum structures
  • Policy enforcement
  • Student’s rights

Educational Administration Master’s Degree

These degrees can be found and completed online. Programs may vary in their length but usually require at least 30 credit hours for completion. Included in that 30 hours is a core curriculum and specialized courses. Some programs provide students the opportunities to gain additional credentials such as the Instructional Leadership Development (ILD) Certificate.

Students completing a master’s degree can help themselves meet requirements for licensure in some states as an educational administrator. Enrollment requirements for master’s programs include possessing a bachelor’s degree in any field of study. These programs are very technical in nature and require students to have a computer with the latest operating system plus e-mail and Microsoft Office software for word processing and class presentations. Communication between student and instructor is accomplished by live chat, message boards, e-mail and telephone.

Educational Administration Master’s Degree Courses

A Master’s degree in Educational Administration consists of a core curriculum and specialized administrative classes. Many online programs also include a practicum allowing students to gain hands-on training in the field. This experience can sometimes make the difference when it comes to getting an initial job or promotion. Some common courses in an educational administration program are:

  • Human diversity
  • Finance
  • Educational research

Human diversity courses study cultures and how they impact education. Students learn about race, gender and religion and how discrimination plays a part in each of them. Finance courses teach how to manage budgets for school systems and discusses the legal and moral factors involved in handling public finances. Students are taught where budget money comes from and how it is used. Research classes teach how to conduct and develop studies by discussing descriptive statistics and model programs.

Educational Administration Master’s Degree Careers

Graduates of this degree program can become school principals, office administrators, educational directors, assistant principals or deans at colleges. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports employment of all school principals will increase by 10% between now and 2020. An increase of 19% will be seen for post-secondary school administrators over the same period. Salaries for those administrators with 1-5 years of experience will average $87,000 per year.

Master’s Degree Continuing Education

Even after finishing their degree students may need to complete additional coursework or training for licensure. Licensing standards are regulated by states where administrators are employed. Becoming a licensed administrator involves passing a licensing exam followed by continuing education courses and re-certifications every few years. So if a person wants to impact education being an administrator is a great career choice.

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  1. Eufemia A. Iipinge says:

    Please tell me if I can enrol to major on this.. I have a bachelor of education (adult) with the university of Namibia. Or if you can give me recommendation on how to go about it.

    Thank you

  2. Dr Philemon Kiptoo Bureti says:

    Many professionals have not realized their dreams of doing post graduate studies in their fields of study owing to the busy schedules.Distance learning programmes is a solution to mitigate this problem.Many professionals have turned their minds into incubators and now the chicks can be hatched because distant learning education is now real.Take advantage and enroll today on any programme of your choice.Dr Philemon Bureti Director Corporate Affairs Mount Kenya University

  3. Dr Philemon Kiptoo Bureti says:

    Distance Learning is the solution to fulfilling the vision 2030 in provision of professional Education to Postgraduate levels.This is because of the flexibility the distance Education provides to busy professionals who cannot leave their working places to attend full time or part time post graduate training.The provision of well rehersed/researched modules makes this possible.Working professionals are advised to take advantage of this gesture



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