Distance Learning Educational Counseling Degree

You probably already know that the cost of traditional higher education is skyrocketing. To justify the growing cost to students, universities around the country are adopting more aggressive plans to provide counseling that will help students maximize their education and become employed. Likewise, high schools are also becoming more proactive about ensuring that students have the information to chart out an effective course of study. In both these cases, the professional who has the knowledge and experience to help is an education counselor. This is someone who studies the “fit” between students, their interests and education success.

How Much Do Education Counseling Professionals Get Paid With a Degree?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for education counselors is about $53,380. While official statistics suggest the career field will grow approximately as fast as average through 2020, these figures do not account for explosive growth in the profession in recent years. More and more high schools, community colleges, trade schools and universities are establishing permanent education counseling positions with competitive salary and benefits. This is because schools can point to greater value for students when graduates can obtain full-time employment with a minimum of difficulty. Successful education counselors who assist in a high number of placements may even receive bonuses.

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What Careers Are Available for an Education Counseling Major With a Degree?

Virtually all career counselors work in an office setting at a high school, community college, trade school or university. This affords them great stability when it comes to the weekly work schedule. This is coupled with the ability to “unplug” and leave work behind on the weekends. Generally speaking, more affluent and competitive schools will provide greater compensation and perks for their arriving education counselors. However, it is also worth pointing out that a substantial minority of education counselors operate independent businesses. Although any education counseling career has the potential to afford a very comfortable lifestyle, an entrepreneurial and self-motivated counselor can sometimes achieve double the average salary.

Why is Distance Learning a Good Choice for Education Counseling Study?

Education counseling requires the student to combine knowledge of counseling with knowledge of educational trends at various levels. At first, this will require a great deal of study and a fluent command of lots of background information. Distance learning is helpful in this regard because the information is organized and presented in a logical, coherent way by professors who are usually experienced counselors. Plus, distance learning students are encouraged to build strong professional ties with their fellow students and professors. This can make it easier to compete in the closed job market that they will face. Lastly, many distance learning programs provide help for their students in getting face-to-face counseling experience with local internships. This is a valuable aid in proving career skills to potential employers.

Tuition, Scholarships, and Other Issues Related to Distance Learning in Education Counseling

Education counseling is generally regarded as a combination of general counseling and educational leadership. Speaking broadly, these are two of the most affordable subjects to study online. Many students will easily be able to find programs that are suitable for their needs with a total annual price tag of $10,000 or less. There are few scholarships available, but students may be able to bolster their credentials by performing internships or observing professionals in their local community. Education counseling does not require a high level of technical skill, so students at any level of computer knowledge can participate without worry.

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    Can I enrol on this program if I have an honours degree in adult education with the university of Namibia

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    Hello, I received a call from a counselor concerning pursuing my doctorate and a fellowship but I went in the hospital and have lost the contact information. I am recovering and anxious to finish talking about the prospect and opportunities available. A friend of mine is going into you fall program and has told me great things.

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