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Music is a universal language. An enjoyment of music is something that almost everyone in the world shares. It’s safe to say that music is something that helps keep the world interesting. As it is an art form, music is a risky and competitive career field to venture into. Earning a degree in music education online is a great way to gain a competitive edge in the job market.

Why it’s Important to Earn a Degree

There are two main reasons that people pursue degrees in an artistic area such as music. The truth is, a degree isn’t always a requirement when seeking a job in something as artsy as music. But going through a college program is extremely helpful in developing and refining one’s craft. Universities offer a variety of hands on opportunities and provide students with teachers and mentors who have plenty of experience in their given fields. Furthermore, there are jobs in music that require interviews and qualifications. Any job-seeker who has earned the distinction of a degree comes across as intelligent and hard working to potential employers. Getting a good education and setting oneself apart from competitors is always a wise choice, no matter the career in question.

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Types of Music Education Degrees Available

Music education is a fairly popular degree, so there are several types of degrees to be had, including:

  • Associate
  • Bachelor
  • Masters
  • Doctorate

Music education students don’t always end up as teachers. Associate’s degrees and Bachelor’s degrees are useful for most job opportunities. Students who earn Master’s degrees and Doctorates get a better chance at landing steady jobs in elementary, high school, and college teaching.

What the Courses are Like

Music education courses are very much theory based, but they also provide a lot of experience for students. The programs often start off teaching the foundations of education and music theory. As students progress, they get to compose music of their own and get it critiqued by experienced professionals. Also, students learn a variety of instruments and get experience in directing instrumental ensembles ranging from jazz combos to full blown orchestras. From there, internships become available, giving students valuable real world experience in teaching and directing young bands.

Music education courses are enriching and very informative, teaching participants how to express themselves through music and how to educate the future generations.

Benefits of an Online Education for Music Education

It can be very stressful setting up a class schedule with an on-campus university. When going through an online program, students are in control of their own schedule. Online courses offer much more flexibility than traditional classes. Furthermore, online programs are generally more affordable than the competitors. The base costs for some of the top online universities in the United States start at about $9,000 per year, including tuition, course materials, and other fees.

On top of those benefits, music education programs often make great use of computers. Online courses make it easy to manage files from popular music education software like Sibelius and Finale. It’s as simple as attaching a file to an email or an in-system message. Music Education is just one of the many fields that benefit from a computer based teaching system.

Career Opportunities in Music Education

While not as big of a field as say, computer science or engineering, music education offers plenty of opportunities. The most common job for music education graduates are in teaching. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, teaching high school and elementary school usually pays an average of $50,000 per year. Music students also often go on to become professional studio musicians, who make an average of $22 per hour (BLS). There’s also the option of becoming a composer, which is a very competitive and self-driven career, so the pay varies greatly. Nonetheless, it’s a valid career option that has great earning potential.

Music brings joy to everyone, particularly those whose lives revolve around it. Earning a music education degree online is a great start to achieving a fulfilling career in a universal art form.

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