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Reading is fundamental to the learning environment and is the basis for advanced scholarship. Studies have shown that elementary students are woefully unprepared when it comes to reading, and the need for literacy specialists is greater than ever before. With lagging test scores and high rates of illiteracy, demand for reading and literacy specialists far outweighs supply.

Required Education

The path to a career in literacy begins with a degree in reading and literacy. The majority of careers in this field require a master’s degree, so starting with a bachelors degree in reading and literacy is the first step. There are many universities that offer this degree in a variety of forms. Some universities offer it as a part of their overall education curriculum, while others offer it as a standalone degree. Bachelors degree holders can also elect to earn a graduate certificate in literacy to further their career options.

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The distance learning reading and literacy degree is ideal for teachers who are already in the field and want to structure their learning around their full-time schedules. For students who are full-time learners, the distance education degree allows time to pursue literacy volunteer activities, residencies and internships while enjoying flexible class scheduling. Take courses online in the evenings, on weekends or early mornings. With distance learning online, the choice is yours.

The bachelor of arts program normally requires four years of full-time study, although some universities offer accelerated programs that allow you to complete the degree in less time. The distance learning master’s degree can be completed in two years or as little as 18 months. Both programs will prepare you to work in the field of literacy and reading education.

Reading & Literacy Courses of Study

There are many courses of study that literacy and reading students pursue. Students take courses like foundations of educational leadership, standards-based curriculum and eliminating the achievement gap. These courses help prepare you for an in-depth study on how literacy affects the learning environment. After taking these courses, you will be well prepared to develop your own strategies for learning effectiveness and implement them in your line of work.

Career Outlook for Reading & Literacy

There are a wide range of fields open to graduates of reading and literacy programs. The most common career path is education, with teachers making up the bulk of professionals in the field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, elementary school teachers earn a median salary of $51,380 per year. Most of these positions require a bachelors degree to start, while some school districts require all of their instructors to obtain a master’s degree. Instructional Coordinators, professionals who develop teaching standards and curricula for schools, earn a median wage of $58,830 per year. These positions require a master’s degree and experience in the educational arena.

Reading & Literacy Career Paths

The reading and literacy degree holder will enjoy a variety of career choices in the field. Literacy specialists develop curricula and improve the quality of education for their students. Reading teachers give students the skills they need to become literate adults. Adult literacy specialists help adult learners gain valuable language skills, and often work with bilingual students to teach english as a second language. Career opportunities abound in elementary and secondary schools, universities and libraries.

Reading and literacy graduates often go on to start their own tutoring services, test preparation businesses and home school curriculum companies.

Graduates in the distance learning reading and literacy program enjoy a fulfilling career by sharing their knowledge with others. By giving others the gift of literacy, you will make a difference in your world while earning a living. Find the right program today.

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