Distance Learning Teacher Licensure

Teacher licensure represents the credentials associated with teaching at various levels and in various subjects in the public school system. Licensure can encompass a wide variety of different areas. For example, licensure is available in different subject matters, in different grade levels and in areas of specialization such as teaching students with learning disabilities. When it comes to refining your teaching technique, licensure is one of the most important measures of your professional development. Likewise, licensure is a helpful way to potentially increase your income while teaching. Conspicuous dedication to continuing education typically leads to enhanced compensation for the teachers who demonstrate it.

How Much Do Holders of Teacher Licensure Get Paid?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the median salary for public school teachers at the elementary school level is just over $50,000. Secondary school teachers command a slightly higher median annual salary of about $54,000. High school teachers make approximately the same amount as their secondary school peers. However, these figures do not take into account the wide variability that is possible when a teacher undertakes various licensure courses. Licensure can significantly increase compensation if the teacher is in an environment where his or her licensure increases the educational value of his or her work. While there is a certain level of licensure necessary for all teachers to hold, most forms of teacher licensure are ancillary and represent the professional specialization of the individual educator.

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What Careers Are Available for a Holder of Teacher Licensure?

The vast majority of teachers work in a public school setting at the elementary, secondary or high school level. It may be possible to command a somewhat greater salary for those who seek employment within a private school. In either case, the broad outlines of the career path are very similar. Depending on the grade level and subject area in which they specialize, teachers will supervise one or more classes every day of the week. In addition to planning out lessons and handling grading and student questions, they must make themselves available to parents and may also manage activities such as tutoring after hours. Public school teachers are generally entitled to a robust retirement program including pension after a defined period of service.

Why is Distance Learning a Good Choice for Teacher Licensure?

Teacher licensure courses tend to be brief and they are available in a very wide variety. Because continuing education is very important for teachers and there are many options to choose from, distance learning significantly streamlines what would otherwise be a fairly complex process. Teachers appreciate the opportunity to manage their continuing education by distance learning because it more effectively fits into their very busy work schedules. Distance learning also helps educators to feel the sense of invigoration that comes from being a part of a warm professional community outside of the local area. This frequently results in teachers being able to introduce new ideas into the classroom that they developed after meeting their peers online.

Tuition, Scholarships and Other Issues Related to Distance Learning in Teacher Licensure

Since teacher licensure occurs solely within the context of the teaching profession, many teachers will find that they can obtain partial tuition remission from an employer. Scholarships are available in some cases from national or even international teaching organizations. Tuition varies widely and is mostly based upon the length of the course of study. Since some licensure courses are only a few weeks long, they can cost as little as a few hundred dollars each.

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