Distance Learning Health Care Administration Degree

With the health care system becoming more and more complex there is a great need for administrators who understand how to handle any problems that may arise. If a student has an interest in health care and business he can combine the two with a degree in health care administration. Many colleges offer online Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in health care administration. These degrees teach students how to manage a health care system by teaching not only business concepts but also allowing for hands-on practical learning experiences.

Bachelor’s Degree

Health care administration deals with the overall delivery of health care. Students pursuing this degree learn how to combine business and medical topics to ensure successful delivery of health care to patients and efficient management of health care personnel and resources. While most of these degree programs do not have prerequisites they do prefer students completing certain classes prior to enrolling. Accounting, economics and biology classes are highly recommended for health care administration students.

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Health Care Administration Bachelor’s Degree Courses

Courses in this program teach students how to effectively and efficiently organize and deliver health care services. Some typical courses in this program are:

  • Health personnel management
  • Global health issues
  • Health services organization marketing
  • Medical group practice management
  • Financial management
  • Legal aspects of health administration

These courses give students a solid background to begin careers in health care administration in a variety of settings.

Bachelor’s Degree Careers

Graduates of this program can choose from a variety of careers. Possible jobs within health care administration include:

  • Medical office manager
  • Hospital administrator
  • Medical secretary
  • Health information management
  • Health services administrator

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports faster than average growth of 22% through 2020 for health services managers with average yearly salaries of $85,000.

Health Care Administration Master’s Degree

Students seeking further education in health care administration can choose a Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Health Care Administration degree. Students learn business concepts and strategies along with health care topics and administrative ethics. An MBA is one of the most popular degrees awarded in the United States and those offering concentrations in health care administration are also gaining in popularity for working professionals seeking advancement.

Master’s Degree Courses

Courses in a Master’s program include:

  • Social implications and ethics
  • Health care practices
  • Health care legislation
  • Health care entrepreneurial methods

Online programs take 2-3 years to finish and focus on public health, systems operations and fiscal practices. To earn this degree a student needs to complete 60 semester hours. These programs are done totally online regarding coursework but may also include small group meetings with other students in online chat rooms and internships with faculty or local mentors. To enrich the learning experience students are encouraged to interact with peers from different backgrounds and professional disciplines.

Master’s Degree Careers

A graduate in health care administration can be employed by hospitals, long-term care and residential facilities, consulting firms specializing in health care and other medical facilities. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a growing need for health care administrators due to an aging population, improved treatments and increasing knowledge of medical technology. Earning this degree showcases a professional’s understanding of current technology, communications and legislative practices. Salaries for these positions will average over $102,000 per year and provide a person an opportunity to deliver both business and health care services in an efficient and caring way to employees and patients.

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  1. maritza smidy says:

    I have an M.Ed. from Cambridge College
    i have over 30 yrs experience as a case manager/social worker
    and for the past 8 years have been a Practice Manager for 2 OB/GYN practices that come under a local hospital
    i am trying to decide if this would be a good program for me at this time

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