Distance Learning Nursing Degrees

Earning a nursing degree though distance learning is a great way to jump-start your career. Photo by tobyotter.

Earning a nursing degree though distance learning is a great way to jump-start your career. Photo by tobyotter.

Nurses are guardian angels for millions of sick and injured patients. They put names to diseases, heal wounds with confidence and provide emotional support to people when they are feeling the worst. A nursing degree delivers the expertise necessary to fight illness, understand lab results, communicate with doctors and examine and treat patients. Students delve into anatomy, human development, pharmacology and other clinical concepts.

Online nursing degrees teach the same skills as campus programs, but they offer more flexibility for shift workers and employees working overtime. Full-time and part-time classes permit men and women to go at their own pace. Because patient interaction is such an important component of any nursing degree, many colleges even lend a hand with setting up clinical observation hours, practicums and internships.

Degrees in nursing are designed with short-term and long-term career goals in mind. Students can pursue interests in babies, the elderly, surgeries, medical emergencies or routine office practice. Graduates find high-paying jobs at nursing homes, medical centers, rehabilitation hospitals, correctional facilities and other healthcare facilities.

If you are new to nursing, a pre-nursing degree (RN not required) offers insights into the basics. It delivers a general education foundation for transferring into a full nursing program.

If you are ready to jumpstart a new healthcare career, you can enroll directly in a nursing degree (RN required). You can choose between a two-year associate’s degree or a four-year bachelor’s degree. In the end you will be qualified to pass the National Council Licensure Examination, NCLEX, and start work as a Registered Nurse.

If you are already a Licensed Practical Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse, you can make more money and work better hours by transitioning into Registered Nursing. The LPN/LVN to RN degree focuses on topics such as medicine administration, infection control and medical leadership. It uses the knowledge and credits you already hold to shorten the time until graduation.

Finally, if you want to advance into management, become a nurse practitioner or enter home health care, you will need an RN to BSN Degree. This distance learning bachelor’s degree helps nurses gain independence in their careers. It prepares you for high-demand positions in hospitals, physician offices, government clinics and universities. You can even move on to graduate-level coursework. There is also an option to earn an accelerated BSN for those who already have an associate’s degree.

The shortage of qualified nurses means that now is the perfect time to change careers or advance beyond your current job. Students can often get scholarships and low-interest loans from their employers and from the federal government. Some employers will even pay for your education in exchange for a service agreement.

Become a compassionate caretaker today by starting your distance learning nursing degree. Use the search box below to get free information with no obligation. Online colleges and universities are waiting to guide you through the options and help you make an informed choice about your future.

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  1. Christine McCarr says:

    Hi my name is christine, can you please email me information on the LPN program. I studied the RN program many years ago however never past the test. I would like to study the lpn program, work a little while then possibly Perdue the RN.

  2. Betty Okiti says:

    Am a registered nurse,midwife and a graduate nurse.i really wish to specialise in nursing preferably oncology nursing.do u have it in the school

  3. prani sookun-sewraj says:

    I am a health care assistant wish to become a qualified nurse.

  4. monicah njoroge says:

    hi,I’m registered nurse with diploma in kenya,how can I start e-learning degree in nursing

  5. onyekachi chikezie says:

    I am interested in studying nursing as a distant learning student.
    Could you please send me an elaborate process of the programme.

  6. Annette says:

    I have trained as a nurse assistant for one and half years in Sweden and currently working at nursing home in Stockholm Sweden. i am interested to further my studies in nursing

  7. ldowu Nkeiruka E says:

    l want a degree in nursing.Am already a register nurse and also working. So how do l go about it.

  8. sophia says:

    i am a registered midwife wish to go for degree/bnsc how do i go abt it with distance learning

  9. anderson nicholas says:

    I will also be happy if u make me a representative in Ghana. U hv 23students who want to study nursing.

  10. dan says:


    really I am interested become a qualified nurse so I get this web is so suitable for me but I can’t it how i’ll be part of it

  11. Nichelle says:

    I would like some information on the RN bridge program I am an LPN I did my prerequisite and some nursing courses and clinical hours at The Center for Allied Healthcare and Nursing Education in Tampa florida will you accept these credits

  12. Jelilat Oreoluwa Kongi says:

    Please how can i study in RN nursing degree

  13. shandis phaneuf lpn says:

    I would like to start as soon as possible!

  14. Deborah Ballard says:

    I’m interested in becoming an LPN. An online course of study I think would be best for me.

  15. Felecia Williams says:

    Please send me any information about classes that I can take to bridge the RN program I have been a LPN for over 20 years. Thank you.

  16. Swany nathan says:

    I would to ask your help regarding access course for nursing degree. Is this distance offer a access to higher education like nursing? if you do help about this please email me as above. Thank you

  17. shila malipenga says:

    i hold a certificate in information technology and want to do an advanced or diploma.do u offer.am from zambia

  18. Dineo Keitsile says:


  19. Loveline says:

    am not a registered nurse, either do i have a diploma. Just want to be given the opportunity to study and become a nurse.

  20. nancy kahitira says:

    I am a Diploma holder in Nursing from Botswana. Currently working in a Hospital as a nurse. Would like to pursue Degree in Nursing

  21. Abd muse says:

    i am registred Nurse diploma in Somalia cuurrently want to be study distance leearning of Nursing Digree

  22. grace larvie says:

    am a registered nurse diploma in Ghana currently studying public health as a specialization.it ‘s may wish to have a degree in one ofthe health related causes.

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