Distance Learning Construction Management Degree

All structures, from the houses we live in to the roads we drive on, are brought to us by construction managers. Students of construction management are given the tools they need to turn blueprints into reality and see an entire construction project from beginning to end. If you desire a practical degree that offers a high earning potential, look no further than construction management.

What is Construction Management?

A construction management degree provides students with an understanding of construction management systems and technologies. Students learn about the history of construction techniques and learn about the processes, laws, and economic factors that affect a construction project. A degree in construction management will prepare students for entry-level positions as construction managers.

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Construction Management Courses

In order to oversee construction projects, construction management students must have a thorough understanding of the construction process. A construction manager must understand the materials used in construction, the laws and regulations they must follow, and the safety standards they must meet. Construction management students will learn the business and engineering principles that they will need for success on the job. A construction management degree program offers this foundation through the following courses:

  • Construction Estimating
  • Construction Equipment Methods
  • Construction Materials and Methods
  • Construction Surveying
  • Project Administration
  • Safety Management
  • Structures

Many construction management programs also require students to complete an internship with a construction firm. Internships allow students to practice their management skills as they work on real construction projects and coordinate their activities with architects, engineers, and city officials.

Benefits of Studying Construction Management Online

Students who work full-time should consider obtaining their construction management degree through a distance learning program. While it can be difficult to meet for in-person classes, online students can complete their courses wherever they can access a computer.

Distance learning programs also offer students the opportunity to enroll in accelerated courses. Because online students can study around-the-clock and move forward in their studies on their own time, it is possible for colleges to condense the length of online courses. As a result, students taking accelerated courses can obtain their degrees in a shorter period of time.

Construction Management Admissions

Students must meet certain admission standards in order to enroll in a construction management program. However, the minimum GPA and standardized test scores required for admissions will vary between programs. Because construction management is a post-secondary program, students must hold a high school diploma or a GED before they can enroll in the program.

To succeed in construction management, students must be prepared to take advanced courses in business, science and engineering. Some colleges may require undergraduate students to successfully complete calculus before they can be formally admitted into their construction management program.

Speaking with an admissions representative can help students determine their eligibility for admissions and what pre-requisites they must meet before they apply.

Construction Management Careers

A construction management degree prepares students for a financially rewarding career. According to the Georgetown Public Policy Institute, construction management majors earned a median salary of $70K, and top earners receive a salary of $100K.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects construction manager job openings to increase by 17 percent. According to the Bureau, two-thirds of construction managers are self-employed. However, firms and government agencies also hire construction managers to monitor construction projects and to ensure that they are completed on time and within budget.

The economy relies on construction managers who can complete residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects in an efficient manner. Because construction is a crucial service that is always in demand, the job outlook for well-trained construction managers is expected to remain positive.

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  1. Teressa Gemechu says:

    I earned advanced Diploma in building engineering (3 years program)(from Addis Ababa University ( Ethiopia ) before 25 years and worked in consultant company for the last 25 years as a supervisor and project engineer.
    I also worked on rural road projects as Resident Engineer and I am working as project engineer and branch manager . Main duty is supervion and contract administration and associated works.
    I need :
    Only distance learning as I am very busy .
    How long does it take to get BSC degree in construction managment?
    Total cost to finish the course.
    Method of payment.
    Other information I didn’t mention.


  2. james chibwe says:

    Please send me admission program

  3. parth says:

    please tell e how I can apply for this course ?

  4. Christian Deonatus Nalwendela says:

    Im in Tanzania,East Africa I have about15 years working experience in Civil Engineering but Iam looking for sponsors to assist me for distance learning bachelor degree in Civil Engineering

  5. SHORN GIBSON says:

    How long is this course. How mush it cost

  6. Abbiudy Elienea Msangi says:

    Hello, is there any sponsorship with distance learning programs? If it is so let me know how: to apply,to join and start the program. Is there any access for online library texts for references? Please I beg you to explain it to me cause I need to start the program immediately


    Once again am back for about 2 months I was out of network due to bad connection from the remote area I worked. Please can you reply back my question I asked before that ”Is there any financial institutional to support at any percentage of tution fees when enroll the Program for CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT DEGREE?

  8. Hendro Prabowo says:

    I am from Indonesia, very interested to get Bachelor Degree of Construction Management.

    Currently I am holding Associate Degree of Civil Engineering from Indonesian Technology Institute, and have more than 20 years experience in construction industries including on contractor, consultant and owner representative.

    I need this due to I want to working overseas.

    I have plan to start this prohram in the beginning of 2014.
    Thank you.

  9. Sukolukhulu Dube says:

    i need the construction management degree after working as a contractor running my own firm for long I need a certificate to hang on the walls of my office.

  10. SYLEVESTER Y. BIJA says:

    Am very interesting much about your introduction. It is true that Project Managers are self employed with full of responsibilities to ensure that they control cost expenditures as well as safety to work people on site.

    Am holding an Ordinary Diploma in Architecture with Nine years of working experience in Architectural firms,Civil and building Contractors as a Site Manager. Now you have convised me to enroll with the program to advance my career, Thank you very much.

  11. Adel Adly Zakhary says:

    Thanks for your feedback!

    • SYLEVESTER Y. BIJA says:

      Hello, is there any sponsorship with distance learning programs? If it is so let me know how: to apply,to join and start the program. Is there any access for online library texts for references? Please I beg you to explain it to me cause I need to start the program immediately.

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