Distance Learning Electronics Engineering Degree

Electronics engineering is a great career for those who enjoy discovering how and why things work certain ways. For the person who was always taking something apart and examining every little piece then putting it all back together it’s a perfect career choice. Many colleges and universities offer online degree programs in electronics engineering technology. Students can graduate with a Bachelor’s degree and move on to a Master’s degree if desired. All programs offer students the flexibility to work their studies around job and family responsibilities while giving them a thorough understanding of the theories and concepts needed for success on the job.

Electronics Engineering Bachelor’s Degree

A Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering Technology gives students the necessary knowledge of how to design, test and troubleshoot electronic devices as well as systems. Students learn the basics of electrical theory and are then able to apply those to real-world situations by working on telecommunications systems, circuit design and systems of ever-increasing complexity. A high school diploma or GED is needed for admission to these online programs as well as a computer with internet access and e-mail to correspond with instructors and other students. Upon graduating with this degree students are qualified to work with other engineers and technicians to design, troubleshoot and maintain systems.

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Electronics Engineering Bachelor’s Degree Courses

Students in these programs spend much time doing lab assignments that provide hands-on experience. Special software may be needed for these virtual assignments and may have to be downloaded or purchased by students. Internships with local companies are sometimes arranged depending upon the college. Some common courses taken by students include:

  • Technical math
  • Computer programming
  • Electric power and machines
  • Digital design
  • Electronic device applications
  • Industrial automation controls
  • Network analysis
  • Microprocessor applications

Electronics Engineering Bachelor’s Degree Careers

Students can obtain employment with electronics manufacturers, government agencies or industrial machinery companies. Some typical jobs are:

  • Product designer
  • Field service engineer
  • Product specialist

Electronics Engineering Master’s Degree

Master’s degrees in this field are for those wishing to work in advanced research studies on electronic systems and designs. Research and development of new and innovative systems is the main focus of this degree. Students can work on a variety of different products and systems including:

  • Navigation
  • Radar
  • Lighting
  • Cell phone systems
  • Renewable energy
  • Computer engineering

Program lengths and number of credits vary amongst schools as do those offering thesis and non-thesis options. Applicants need a strong background in math and science as well as a high GPA and GRE score. Interaction with faculty and fellow students is done through e-mail, online message boards and live chat sessions. As in the bachelor’s program students may be expected to download or purchase special software for assignments.

Electronics Engineering Master’s Degree Courses

While there is some variation in programs depending upon engineering specialty all have some common classes students must successfully pass. These can include:

  • Control systems
  • Electrical power systems
  • Circuitry
  • Networks
  • Power electronics

Many classes use computer simulations to apply theories and concepts to real-world situations. These provide invaluable experience to future engineers and technicians.

Electronics Engineering Master’s Degree Careers

Those who wish to enter this field may have to work a bit harder to find a job. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports little to no job growth through 2018. However, annual salaries of electrical engineers are $83,000 with available openings in architectural and related industries.

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