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Many trades and careers do not require a college degree. Photo by Seattle Municipal Archives.

Many trades and careers do not require a college degree. Photo by Seattle Municipal Archives.

Tradespeople keep their neighborhoods running. From automotive technicians and construction workers to paralegals and medical assistants, these jobs are local and in demand. Distance learning trades and careers degrees develop essential skills in investigation, diagnostics, problem solving and communication. The lessons apply to the job site and the home life.

Online trade degrees are designed for doers. The courses are practical, flexible and fast. They cover real-life topics in customer service, personnel management, compliance, safety and finance. Some even prepare students for certification, which eliminates the cost of additional training.

Through distance learning, students can set their own pace for graduation. They can complete assignments and chat with classmates from a computer at home, a smartphone at work or a laptop in the park. In certain cases, landing a well-paying job takes less than a year.

Three of the most popular trades degrees involve automotive, engineering or health services. With an automotive degree, you can explore fleet management and repair shop operation. Many programs also prepare you for Automotive Service Excellence certification. Engineering is a great option for anyone moving into construction, structural design, manufacturing or mining. Small online class sizes give you the ability to build relationships with colleagues and mentors. Health services offers a virtually endless supply of job openings. With an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, you could focus on medical assisting, billing and coding, nursing, occupational safety or healthcare management.

If you line up for the latest gadgets or disassemble electronics in your living room, you may like an undergraduate degree in technology. Top employers are currently searching for qualified help desk technicians, programmers, systems analysts, network administrators and Web security experts.

If you prefer a comfortable office environment, check out distance learning options in business or legal studies. These jobs put you at the center of today’s important issues, such as regulatory control, financial responsibility, intellectual property and international trade. The work is typically fast-paced but the rewards are worth the effort. Graduates move into positions as paralegals, legal secretaries, bookkeepers, shift supervisors, insurance claims examiners and sales professionals. One specialty, organizational management, even trains graduates to overhaul factories, restructure corporations, start non-profits and consult on a variety of operational issues.

Finally, if you want to impact your city in immeasurable ways, go into education. Internet-based learning is an excellent way to train as a teacher, tutor, literacy instructor, librarian or museum technician. Students take advantage of the Internet’s power through videos, presentations, online software and interactive chats.

The range of distance learning trades and careers cannot be described in a few short paragraphs. To investigate career possibilities or discover the best path for advancement, you need to explore the options. Enter a search in the box below to see available degree programs. You can request details from the schools you like with no cost and no commitment. The best way to land your dream job is to get started on your education today.

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  1. Kathrine says:

    Hello, I started a distance education course in management at Open School of Management. I want to improve my soft skills, so I decided to take this opportunity. I have taken two courses (HR Management and Organization). I would like to share my online study experience with other students that have similar experiences. If you are taking an online education course in the field of management, and you would like to exchange your (positive or negative) experience, you are more than welcome to share!

  2. Carla Millette says:

    I am researching a distance learning center for my brother who is currently in prison, and he has no access to a computer or telephone. I there something available for him? He is interested in Geology (probably an Associates Degree) regarding oil well drilling. Any information will be helpful. He is very smart and is a high school graduate, and a few credits from a community college he attended after high school. Thank you.

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