Distance Learning Education Training

Today’s teachers must have an advanced skill set and aptitude for academics. Education professionals must continue their educations throughout their careers to maintain their teaching licenses and earn new certifications. Distance learning education training programs offer a variety of convenient training and certificate courses in such areas as instruction, administration, and general education. Whether a student is seeking an education certificate or additional certification, distance learning courses are designed to flexibility fit in the busiest of schedules.

Getting Started with Distance Learning Education Training

Most of the students who seek an education training certification or license are full-time education professionals who wish to advance in their current career. Others take non-degree courses to comply with the regulations of their teaching license, which requires the teacher to earn credits on a regular basis to stay current. Many students choose to take distance learning courses to avoid missing work. Courses are offered according to the student’s schedule.

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Types of Distance Learning Education Training Programs

An education student can choose from several distance training certificates and non-degree courses including:

  • Post-Bachelor’s License and Certification– students who previously earned a bachelor’s degree can earn an additional license or certification in education towards license credit or a specialized teaching field.
  • Post-graduate Distance Learning Education Certificate of Training– those with a degree can earn a specialized certificate of training in a specialized area of teaching such as special education, or administrative qualifications.
  • Non-Degree Distance Learning Certificates– For those that do not currently have a degree, a non-degree certificate can be a great start to get into the field of education. A degree as a teachers assistant or office administrator can help a student find employment in an educational facility.

Distance Learning Education Training Courses

Adult and Higher Education

For those who wish to teach in an adult education setting, this certificate program can give students the skills needed to teach in community colleges and general education centers.

Curriculum and Instruction

A curriculum and instruction certificate enables teachers to work as curriculum specialists who plan age appropriate lesson plans, textbooks, and tools for teachers based on state standards.

Distance Education Training and Certification

As technology becomes more advanced, educational facilities need skilled staff to keep classrooms current. A distance education certificate in in distant education is a popular program. Trainees prepare lesson plans for virtual students in both high school and adult learning environments.

Salary Outlook for Distance Learning Educating Training

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a teacher with a bachelor’s degree is $53,230. Training certificates can raise these rates. Annual wages for a certified teaching assistant with a certificate were reported at $23,220. By the year 2020, the need for new teachers will grow by 7 percent.

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