Distance Learning Organizational Management Training

Every business, from mom-and-pop shops to multinational corporations, needs knowledgeable managers who can lead and succeed. An organizational management degree delivers essential training for beating the competition, boosting profits and fulfilling long-term visions. Graduates gain a competitive edge in the job market and in life.

Organizational Management Jobs

Government agencies, non-profits and private companies seek talented leaders who can overcome challenges, and they are willing to pay for the best. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that over half of managers earn more than $80,000 per year. Students graduating with organizational management degrees excel as small business owners, team leads, supervisors, department managers and executives. They enter positions such as:

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  • Customer service manager
  • Retail manager
  • Sales leader
  • Office manager
  • Researcher/data analyst
  • Manufacturing supervisor
  • Facility director
  • Supply chain manager
  • Project manager
  • Human resources generalist
  • Compliance director
  • Business consultant
  • Healthcare administrator

Distance Learning Degrees in Management

Most companies require only a bachelor’s degree to enter into management, but holding a master’s degree or doctorate can unlock advancement opportunities. Few schools offer an associate’s degree in organizational management.

When choosing a management degree program, students should look at the college’s accreditations and endorsements. Special bodies ensure high educational standards and may even provide career support after graduation. Examples include:

  • Healthcare: Commission on Accreditation Healthcare Management Education
  • Human resources: Society for Human Resource Management
  • Project management: Project Management Institute
  • Business administration: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
  • Business management: International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education

The accreditation is typically the same for online and on-campus courses. Students obtain the same quality education through distance learning without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Online Management Courses

Small class sizes, flexible scheduling and ample financial assistance make distance learning a great way to study management. Most of the instructors are professionals in their fields, so students learn from real-life scenarios and develop relationships with critical business contacts.

An online organizational management degree combines general business theory with key revelations in industries such as hospitality, manufacturing and information technology. Students access videos, case studies and simulations so they can practice:

  • Understanding the individuals and groups behind organizational behavior
  • Assembling, managing and developing teams
  • Motivating and influencing employees
  • Making informed decisions during uncertain times
  • Forecasting trends
  • Communicating strategic initiatives
  • Planning for and overseeing organizational change
  • Innovating in new markets
  • Cost-control techniques and financial leadership
  • Social responsibility and ethics
  • Research design and analysis
  • Negotiation and conflict management

Students who have never before taken business courses should not be scared to start. Most distance learning organizational management degree include refresher classes in marketing, accounting, human resources and operations. These basics may even be part of the official degree program, so every credit counts toward graduation.

Starting an Organizational Management Degree

Holding a quality management degree can help anyone stand out above the crowd of job applicants. Whether the graduate will be supervising people for the first time or has been in management for years, this credential increases the opportunities for success. By completing a simple application, professionals can take the first step to changing their lives. To make the transition even easier, most colleges offer a range of scholarships, grants and financial aid.

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