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What was once known as Delta State Teacher’s College, Delta State University is a fully accredited, public university smack dab in the middle of the Mississippi Delta area of Cleveland, MS.  Started in 1924, the school saw a boon in enrollment leading up to WWII due to their genius in including an aviation program that helped train civilian pilots for the upcoming war.  When we joined the war, 254 Delta State trained pilots went with us, eventually resulting in a marked increase in post-war enrollment (with almost 300 more students signing on) and the creation of the Commercial Aviation Dept.

Now, this Mississippi landmark offers 12 Bachelor’s degrees in over38 different fields of study, as well as 9 Master’s programs, Educational Specialist degrees, and PhDs.  Though still a nationally recognized teacher’s college and aviation school, Delta State has expanded to become an “educational and cultural center for the Mississippi Delta”, melding history with current technologies to not only train tomorrow’s leaders and thinkers, but to inform the surrounding culture as well.

DSU has fielded some famous grads in its time (John Grisham anyone?) and continues to churn out successful students in a variety of fields, often due to their flexible distance learning and online classes.  Defining distance learning as “courses delivered by electronically mediated formats”, DSU offers the ability for many students to complete those last few credit hours or help achieve that degree while allowing for their lives to continue.  While there are some online degrees offered, they are all Master’s or certifications, leaving most four year degrees as needing both on campus and online courses.

Online Master’s degrees are offered in Science in Social Justice and Criminology, a Master’s of Education in Elementary Education, and, of course, a Master of Commercial Aviation.  In addition, nursing students can take their education to the next level, using DSU’s online classes to go from Registered Nurse to a baccalaureate degree in Nursing and can even go one step further if they wish, achieving their MSN (Master’s of Science in Nursing).  Again, these nurses wouldn’t have to sacrifice time spend doing real work in the hospital for course work at school, as the online courses offered only require occasional clinical visits throughout the semester, with the bulk being net based.

In addition, the Business school at DSU offers hybrid courses, like their iMBA-Integrated Master of Business Administration, a degree that, again, helps the business graduate round their education through both online work and (reduced) in class, face to face meetings.  DSU also offers an online BBA in International Business&Development, but requires two years of in class work first before you are ready to take the final two years online.

Still wanting to ensure they don’t stray too far from their teaching roots educational tools are offered for the educator that can’t break away to go back to school full time.  Whether with their Educational Specialist degree in Elementary Education, or their Distance Learning for Teachers continuing education program, DSU maintains its reputation as one of the premier teaching colleges in the country, working both online and in the classrooms to ensure that all educators have the tools necessary to continually evolve and keep up with today’s students. 

Working with Blackboard, DSU offers a variety of distance learning programs that keep with its mission of a commitment to be the “best regional university in America”, maintaining their commitment to quality, innovative education.

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